Jim McG sez, “Dina Knew That I Blew!”

The McGreevey divorce drama takes another ugly turn this morning. Old Jimmy, the former New Jersey governor and self-proclaimed homo, alleges that his former wife, Dina, knew of his yen for the men.

Dina McGreevey hopes to set the record – um – straight in her new book, Silent Partner. In the ghost-written memoir, Dina McG claims not to have known about McGreevey’s mary ways until days before he resigned. Jim, however, claims the book’s just as crooked as his political career. He wrote in a sworn affidavit:

Although it is clear that (Matos McGreevey) knew of my sexual orientation before our marriage, she chose to either ignore it or block it out of her mind, even when questioned by her friends

Now that it’s out that I AM A GAY AMERICAN [his emphasis] she will try to rewrite history claiming me to be bisexual. This is homophobia in its worst form.

As further evidence, McGreevey’s lawyer offer Jim’s own book, The Confession, in which he describes a 2002 confrontation with his then-wife during which she asked him, “Are you gay?” Now that’s a lawyer: discrediting a witness and shameless promotion!

Speaking of shameless: we’re not sure which McGreevey’s lower. It may be a tie. It seems to us they’re both pretty disgusting. Hopefully their manipulative ways won’t taint their daughter, over whom they’re fighting so viciously.

McGreevey: Wife knew I was gay at the start
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