Jim McG Win Joint Custody

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As we mentioned Friday, Jim McGreevey and Dina McGreevey will share custody of their daughter, Jacqueline. The judge struck down Dina’s request for sole custody, thus giving Jim the first win in what will likely be a series of ugly (and public) divorce battles. Not only that, Judge Karen Cassidy agreed with the former New Jersey Governor and appointed a mediator to “oversee” the five-year old’s relationship with her parents. Jimmy Boy wasn’t the only winner. His soon-to-be ex-wife scored one potentially anti-gay point…

NYDN reports:

[Dina] did win a victory in barring her daughter from sharing a bed with her husband and his partner.

“[There’s] a mutual decision that they are prohibited to allow the child to sleep in the same bed as any other party or any other adult,” Cassidy said.

She also ruled McGreevey use “common sense” over what aspects of his lifestyle he may expose Jacqueline to…

Now, we understand Dina has some anti-gay issues to deal with, but did Judge Cassidy really need to make such an unorthodox ruling? She’s only feeding into Dina’s – and other’s – homophobia. Her ruling practically agrees, “Gay men can’t be trusted with children”. Yes, she’s holding Dina to the same standards, but only as an exercise of “justice”. It’s particularly perplexing considering Cassidy’s comments insisting McGreevey’s gayness is “not significant”. But, that’s just our opinion.

Cassidy may have fallen for Dina’s tricks, but she’s definitely not buying her book, Silent Partner. She told the Portuguese “author” haven’t read his. And I do not intend to read yours.” Oh, snap! Jim says that he’ll give it a look through, “At some point, I’ll read it. It might help me know what she thinks and feels.” Right after he’s found the cure for cancer. And “marrying” his man: McGreevey’s looking to partake in a little civil union action. No word on whether Dina’s invited. We doubt it…

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