Jim McGreevey To Buy Expensive House With Partner


Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey sure moves quickly. It had only been a few months since he separated from his wife and left behind the legal threats from (very cute) ex-boyfriend Golan Cipel, and already he had a new man, Australian-born investment adviser Mark O’Donnell. We could only find this side-view of him (pictured above, at right), but he seems like a dapper gentleman.

That was in 2005. Now, only a year later, they are buying a $1.5 million house in Plainfield, NJ:

The home, built in 1914, has eight bedrooms, four bathrooms, five fireplaces, and gardens by famed landscape architect Frederick Olmsted, who designed New York’s Central Park.

We are happy for Mr. McGreevey and his partner, though we’re not sure we would toss $1.5 million around with a guy we’ve only been dating a year.

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