Gay Activist Give Lesson In Hygiene

Jim Naugle’s Not A Big Wiper

Asshole politico Jim Naugle‘s about to have the cleanest asshole in Fort Lauderdale. Gay activists are urging people to mail the homo-hater rolls of toilet paper after the Floridian mayor suggested installing robotic toilets to curb gay sex.

Naugle deemed a local beach “the rainbow beach,” and has asked his city for over $250,000 to install timed toilets. When a user’s alloted time runs out, the door pops open. Gay activists claim Naugle’s just hating on the queers. And, what’s more, unfounded.

Equality Florida’s Brian Winfield insists,

His comments that there is a problem with gay activity going on in public bathrooms is simply not supported by any law-enforcement agency. It’s just something in his mind. . . . His comments are ridiculous, so to some degree an appropriate response is a little bit of ridicule.

Now, Winfield and his allies have issued a call to action:

We are encouraging people to mail either a roll or several sheets of toilet paper to the mayor at City Hall to help him to wipe his dirty mind clean.

We suggest single-ply. Naugle deserves a little shit on his fingers, no?

We also suggest Florida’s activists save some TP for Bill Smatt, the Miami mayoral candidate who decorated his yard with a sign declaring, “God made Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve”.