Schumer, DSCC Agree To Share Information

Jim Neal Makes Peace With Democratic Peers

Jim Neal hopes to beat Republican Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina’s Senatorial election.

One would think the Democratic party would support such an endeavor, but Senatorial Committee leader Chuck Schumer and his peers turned a blind eye to Neal’s candidacy. They even started recruiting other potential politicos, but no one took the bait. Now Neal and his colleagues in the part have reached a bit of a truce.

Neal met with DSCC officials to discuss his campaign.

“We have reached an understanding with them … they’re going to leave us alone in the primary, that they’re going to share the same information with us that they share with any other candidate and that … nobody associated with DSCC will ever make the statement that a gay person can’t win in North Carolina,” he said. “And they have assured us that if they change their mind, they’ll let us know.”

DSCC spokesperson Matt Miller said his organization was never hostile to Neal’s candidacy and that DSCC does not endorse candidates until the Democratic nominee has been selected.

The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, which backs gay politicians, has yet to endorse Neal’s campaign.