Jimmy Dean Rocks On


We must confess that we fantasize about dead men all of the time. Not actual corpses, sicko, or walking corpses like Michael Douglas. No, we’ve had it bad for James Dean ever since we first started braiding our kid sister’s hair.

It has been long rumored that Dean didn’t quite rebel against the gay lifestyle. He’s been alleged to have dabbled in (or on) Hollywood’s old casting couch. Or in this case, a mauve chaise lounge. The book Boulevard of Broken Dreams dishes the dirt.

This Friday marks the 50th Anniversary of the Hollywood icon’s death. Mid-Western Queertees have the most opportunities to celebrate. His home state of Indiana is going for the next non-stop for the next few days with several “giant” events. Unfortuntaley, no look-alike wet t-shirt contests listed. And over in California the stretch of highway where he met his maker is being renamed after the James Dean Memorial Junction.

In order to appropriately honor Dean, head over to the official James Dean site where you can buy a set of coasters donning his image. It’s truly the American way.