Jimmy James Is A Fashionista

jimmy james

A promo cd for the new Jimmy James single just landed on our desk and we’ve been prancing around and doing runway since we popped it in our computer. The track is called “Fashionista” and it’s way camp gay house. But it totally works since Jimmy has the pipes. The song ends with a fashion rap, similar to Madonna’s Hollywood screen legends homage in “Vogue.”

Jimmy name-drops every major designer. Our favorite line: “Imitation of Christ. Beauty has a price.” That may be so, but this record is priceless.

If you’re unfamiliar with James you need to get acquainted. The bitch can belt out every icon’s voice: Monroe, Streisand, and Garland. The single must be hot from the presses as both Jimmy’s and Made Records’ websites have no information on the track.

Jimmy James [Official Site]