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JK Rowling probably wasn’t prepared for these brutal responses to her play’s Pride tweet

It’s bad enough that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’s New York City and San Francisco Twitter accounts wished everyone a “Happy Pride Month” this week, but the even more tone deaf decision to use the Progress Pride flag, which incorporates the trans Pride colors into the rainbow spectrum, sent the internet into a tailspin.

The play’s author, JK Rowling, has firmly established that she is no friend to the trans community, regularly attacking their rights. Her repeated attacks have caused many LGBTQ Harry Potter fans to turn their backs on the franchise altogether.

Several commenters rose to the occasion with inspired responses, such as these ideas for Harry’s next big adventure:

Actor Anthony Rapp put all jokes aside, however, when he responded: “This tweet is the epitome of cowardice masquerading as allyship. The ultimate in virtue-signalling.

“The folks producing this show have yet to openly condemn the monstrously damaging and violent words and deeds of its playwright. Will they donate to and amplify trans rights orgs?”

Here’s what other folks had to say:

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