City Officials Send Haredim Bill

J’Lem Anti-Gay Protests Costly

Who says Jews are cheap? Certainly not Jerusalem’s City Council, who are fuming mad over the Haredim anti-gay pride protests.

The religious fanatics, who burned trash bins and broke streets lamps during last week’s riots, cost the holy city about $100,000. Now Jerusalem’s pissed off politicos want them to pay.

Councilman Saar Netanel tells Ynet News:

The (Jerusalem) municipality needs to withhold the high cost of damages caused by Haredi protests from budgets allocated to the haredi community in the city.

It is impossible that tax payers in Jerusalem bare the brunt of the illegal protests carried out by the haredim. It is obviously legal to protest against the gay pride parade, but damaging municipal property is violent and illegal.

Netanel better be careful – those orthodox fools can be more wily than a Palestinian suicide bomber. And just as explosive.