J’Lem Mayor Attacked, Unscathed

Meanwhile, in other news: Uri Lupolianski, the mayor of Jerusalem, found himself stoned while visiting an ultra-orthodox neighborhood. For those of you not paying attention, there’s been a fierce fight over Friday’s gay pride parade in the city. The more conservative religious types aren’t so keen on the idea and are promising violence if the parade goes ahead. Even though Lupolianski spoke out against the parade, many people still hold him responsible for what they see as an affront to their holy city. Ynet News reports:

Despite the fact that Lupolianski has called out against holding the parade in the city, many in the haredi community hold him directly responsible.

Word spread quickly of the “Zionist” mayor’s visit to the heart of Me’a Shearim, prompting dozens of haredim to make their way to the hall and stone the structure.

Meanwhile, rioting continues to crop up around the city and police are preparing for what will undoubtedly be a traumatic day on Friday.

Don’t worry, though, the Muslims and the Jews are still united against the homos.