Joan Rivers Ignores “Fashion Police” Strikers, Thinks $24K Is An “Appropriate” Yearly Salary

joan_rivers_highContrary to reports released earlier this week, Joan Rivers is apparently keeping her lips shut when it comes to her Fashion Police writers on strike. (Can someone poke her with a stick to make sure she’s still alive?)

According to a lawsuit filed by the show’s writers early last month, staff members work up to 16 hours a day writing material for the aging comedy queen hag, only to be rewarded with a paycheck Ms. Rivers thinks is more than “appropriate”—anywhere from $500-$630 a week.

While we were trying to figure out why an established comedienne has to hire joke writers, a source from inside the scorned writer’s circle emailed to let us know that Joan is not budging or communicating with them (probably because she’s getting high with Melissa somewhere).

Regarding a quote released by the network, claiming Joan is being cooperative, our source says:

The quote about Joan going on record in support of us is not from Joan herself, but rather an E! spokesperson. The truth is that Joan refuses to discuss the strike with us and is in fact NOT supporting our efforts to get a WGA contract.

The quote also says that she wants “a fair agreement” for us. Notice that it doesn’t says she wants a WGA contract for us. Both Joan and E! think that our current pay situation is a fair agreement, which is why we’re on strike.

Furthermore, Examiner reports that recent episodes of Fashion Police are fueled by scab workers, which explains the show’s diminishing quality over the last month.

Hopefully Joan will wise up and reach some kind of agreement with her writers. As someone who spent the majority of her autobiographical documentary crying over lack of work and funds, she doesn’t have much empathy.