Joan Rivers’ Spat With “Fashion Police” Writers Could Get Her Blacklisted

Joan Rivers-1369321Queen of Mean Joan Rivers may become the first member ever expelled from the Writers Guild of America next month, as the WGA East chapter moves forward with a trial date to review charges filed against her.

The legendary comedienne may have her membership revoked on a technicality after disgruntled members of her former Fashion Police staff revealed that she had been writing for the non-union show, which is a violation of her WGA membership.

The Fashion Police writers began striking in April, claiming they were owed over $1.5 million in wages and overtime, and appealed directly to Joan for moral support in their fight for fair wages. Though she’s not directly responsible for the lapse in payment, support from Joan would have been helpful in hearings with network executives. ”It was so upsetting to me, to find out that this person who had meant so much to me, I meant so little to her,” one of the writers said in a tearjerking montage.

The hearing to determine Joan’s fate will take place in New York on October 14. If a three-person board finds her guilty of writing and performing showrunner duties for the non-union show, this fine woman could find herself on a Hollywood blacklist!

What an awful way to go out. A “bunch of bullshit,” if you ask Joan.