Joan Rivers’ Spat With “Fashion Police” Writers Could Get Her Blacklisted

Joan Rivers-1369321Queen of Mean Joan Rivers may become the first member ever expelled from the Writers Guild of America next month, as the WGA East chapter moves forward with a trial date to review charges filed against her.

The legendary comedienne may have her membership revoked on a technicality after disgruntled members of her former Fashion Police staff revealed that she had been writing for the non-union show, which is a violation of her WGA membership.

The Fashion Police writers began striking in April, claiming they were owed over $1.5 million in wages and overtime, and appealed directly to Joan for moral support in their fight for fair wages. Though she’s not directly responsible for the lapse in payment, support from Joan would have been helpful in hearings with network executives. ”It was so upsetting to me, to find out that this person who had meant so much to me, I meant so little to her,” one of the writers said in a tearjerking montage.

The hearing to determine Joan’s fate will take place in New York on October 14. If a three-person board finds her guilty of writing and performing showrunner duties for the non-union show, this fine woman could find herself on a Hollywood blacklist!

What an awful way to go out. A “bunch of bullshit,” if you ask Joan.

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  • Shadeaux

    Joan doesn’t care. She has $150 million and she’s 150 million yrs old. If she is blacklisted or not, she won a long time ago.

  • Katbox

    @Shadeaux: Without work she has nothing.
    You’d be surprised at how many of these “d-listers” are in debt……..

  • Cam

    So lets see, we’re supposed to feel bad for her that the Tonight show folks weren’t loyal to her, when she is just as quick to turn around and spit on her own writers.

  • jckfmsincty

    Joan should retire. She hasn’t been funny for years, just obnoxious.

  • Triple S

    I refuse to help Unions anytime. In the WESTERN World, all they do is bitch and moan for more money and more benefits for doing less work.

    They are a drag and liability to success.

  • B Damion

    oh please! This bitch doesn’t give a shit. All her life she has been on somebodies black list. lol. wishin a mother f-er would lol…she is a bad bitch though. I’m not going to lie. lol.

  • Icebloo

    I totally lost respect for Joan when I found out she is a REPUBLICAN ! She claims to support women’s rights, gay rights etc but then she supports the party who is worst on all these issues. She’s a liar. She says she supports us so we buy tickets to her shows and make her rich but then she stabs us in the back.

    Like so many people in showbusiness she is OK with gay rights being denied, access to healthcare for millions is denied, women’s access to birth control is denied, US education is the worst in the western world, the number of paid holidays in the US is the lowest in the western world etc etc just as long as she doesn’t have to pay any taxes on her millions.

    I hate her. I hope they do blacklist her. She is the kind of American who has ruined our country for her own personal greed.

  • Icebloo

    @Triple S: and also the reason you have paid vacations and an established minimum wage as well as healthcare benefits and access to a safe workplace environment. You’re a smart one !

  • Icebloo

    @Katbox: or addicted to being in the spotlight ! Joan NEEDS the attention. She is nothing without it. She has never grown up mentally.

  • Caine

    @Icebloo: how do you know how she feels? that’s quite an over-generalization. sounds like someone has issues but it’s not Joan Rivers. yikes!

  • Polaro

    Greed is so unbecoming. I’ve been a Joan fan for decades, but I’m done. Stick a fork in the greedy, old bitch.

  • 2eo

    @Icebloo: A well worded and absolute dismissal. Well played Ice.

  • Cam

    @Triple S: said….

    “I refuse to help Unions anytime. In the WESTERN World, all they do is bitch and moan for more money and more benefits for doing less work.

    They are a drag and liability to success.


    I love the little brainwashed Tea Party folks. Ok, so Unions are bad. But apparently CEO’s who loot their companies for salaries 70 times higher than their Japanese counterparts and crash the U.S. economy are good?

    When was the U.S. economically the strongest country? In the 1950’s and 60’s when…we had higher taxes and incredibly strong unions.

    What countries are doing better economically than the U.S. right now? Well I know a big one. Germany, incredibly strong unions, and guess what. Much lower unemployment and a much stronger economy right now. Oh, and their workers get 5 weeks of vacation and yet funny enough that doesn’t seem to have crashed their economy now does it?

    Ugh, please watch SOME other channel besides FOX before coming in here and making yourself look foolish.

  • Polaro

    @Cam: I completely agree.

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