JOBS: Got One? Lost Yours? Share Your Story


QUEERTY ASKS, YOU ANSWER — Last month, Americans lost another 651,000 jobs, bringing the jobless rate up from 7.6 percent to 8.1 percent, according to the Labor Department. (That’s actually fewer jobs lost than in the two previous months.) While President Obama talks stimulus and housing plan, we’re sure some of our own readers are contemplating what, exactly, they’re supposed to do now that they’ve been laid off, and there’s little hope for new work. So: We want to hear from you. If you’re willing, please share your experiences — about losing your job, hanging on to it, or fearing it could disappear. Feel free to post anonymously, or under a different screenname, but we’d love to know 1) Whether you still have your job; 2) What sector you’re in and your job title/description; 3) The ballpark salary you were (or are) earning; 4) What you plan to do to find new work; or 5) If you still have your job, whether you’re worried about losing it.

Meanwhile, according to Labor Department stats, here’s the breakdown of the newly unemployed:

Adult Men: 8.1%
Adult Women 6.7%
Whites: 7.3%
Blacks: 13.4%
Hispanics: 10.9%
Teenagers: 21.6%
Asians: 6.9%

If only that had data on the gays.

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