Swedish Soccer Stud Comes Out Against Homophobia

Jocko Launches Gay Pride

Stolkholm Pride got off to a very straight start yesterday.

Kicking off the gay festivities, footballer Glenn Hysén decried anti-gay attitudes in sports:

Sometimes, sport turns us into good team players, but sometimes sport turns us into anxious homophobic herd animals. Too few of us who love sport bother to question sport’s values. This is why we adults within sport have a particular responsibility to bring up all girls and boys in a liberal and unprejudiced climate.

Hysén can bring us up any time he wants! Hubba-hubba!

Although, from what we understand, he’s not down with gay sex: Hysén has been accused of homophobia after “assaulting” a man for making a gay pass.

Realizing his appearance may spark a scandal, Hysén made sure to address the bathroom incident. In that incident, Hysén says, a gay man attempted to have a grab at the jock’s package. Reacting against the unwanted advance, Hysén threw a punch, but did not, he made clear, assault the man. Nor does he take any pride in his actions.

I know that many LGBT people have been the victims of assaults and hate crimes. I can therefore understand if some people have been upset by the airport incident, so I want to be clear: I think that it is completely unacceptable that anybody should be subjected to assaults, insults or hate crimes due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

In order to finally flush the Frankfurt Airport punch down the toilet: it is not the case that I beat up a gay person. I categorically deny that. I’m not proud that I took a swing at him, but I am proud that I have integrity and that I reacted.

You know, just because someone defends their penis, doesn’t make them anti-gay. It makes them prudes.

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  • Paul Raposo

    So Stolkholm pride celebrates pride by bring in an athlete who thinks homophobia in sports is bad, yet decks a gay man in a bathroom for making a pass at him? Obviously homophobia is bad, but “gay panic” is peachy. God, we can be a fucked up group of people sometimes.

  • WWH

    Paul, the guy tried to GRAB the man’s cock in an airport restroom. I think the hungry homo is the one who committed assualt.

  • Paul Raposo

    “the guy tried to GRAB the man’s cock in an airport restroom”

    If I could play devil’s advocate, that’s Mr. Hysen’s version of the story.

    Years ago a friend was beat up in a restaurant bathroom. All he did was look down at himself as he was putting his penis away and the moron beside him was convinced he was looking at his dick and thumped my friend. I restrained him and his story grew to my friend grabbing at him, “You saw what that faggot did, he was making a play for my dick!” And when the cops got there, my friend had practically raped him and I had “brutally” assaulted him for trying to defend himself against the gay scourge in the men’s toilet. And for the record, my friend is straight and I’m sure not the least bit interested in cock, other than his own.

    All we know is that something happened in that Frankfurt men’s room. How much is fact and how much is fiction is for the two people involved to know.

    I’ve been grabbed at by men and women and I’ve never drilled anyone for it. Hysen claims he reacted; I think he overreacted.

    And my original comment stands; apparently homophobia is bad, but gay panic is fine.

  • maverick69

    I had a guy once try to do that to me and I grabbed his wrist and advised him if he wanted to keep it ( his hand), not to try that again. Gay or Straight, no one deserves to be put in such a position. Don’t touch if you’re not given permission. It’s that simple.

  • Paul Raposo

    “I had a guy once try to do that to me and I grabbed his wrist and advised him if he wanted to keep it (his hand), not to try that again.”

    Ok, maverick69, let me ask you; what did the man look like?

  • cjc

    That’s why I never use a urinal if I can help it, Paul—I don’t even want to be accused.

  • Paul Raposo

    “That’s why I never use a urinal if I can help it, Paul—I don’t even want to be accused.”

    Good point, cjc. I’m a stall man myself, although that too can exhibit it’s own set of troubles.

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