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Jodie Foster Won’t Face Charges Over Shoving Some Punk Paparazzo Kid

Back in May Jodie Foster allegedly attacked a 17-year-old uber-fan at The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles, though he turned out to be some teenage paparazzo and, c’mon, probably totally deserved it. But Foster stonewalled and refused to speak to police about the incident and now, with a lack of evidence, the prosecutor’s office has decided not to pursue criminal charges.

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  • ewe

    I like Jodie Foster but she really needs to either stay home or move to France. This is the price of fame and there is nothing illegal about anyone using a camera in the public square. I doubt Jodie Foster would want her name and this incident used to deteriorate our civil rights. Lets get something straight. The alleged crime is and always was assault and it was not the kid that assaulted her or her kids. It was Jodie Foster accused of putting her hands on another person, in this case a minor. She has connections. It has been dropped.

  • Joe

    @ewe: Assault my ass. This isn’t some fan asking for an autograph we’re talking about here, this was a paparazzi (I don’t care how young) who are known to get verbally and even phsyically abusive with stars. I hope this 17 year old punk liked being beaten up by a lesbian.

  • bobito

    Paparazzi are pretty notorious for trying to provoke celebrities into angry reactions – it makes a more interesting photo when the celeb has an agitated facial expression. When they push too hard and get physically attacked in retaliation, they press charges. It’s all about making a buck off somebody else’s fame.

  • ewe

    @Joe: yada yada yada. Tell me about this particular case Joe? Did the kid strike Jodie Foster or did Jodie Foster strike a minor. Get a grip. She is gay and i adore her too but you need to be objective and see that laws are not meant to be tossed and bent for those you agree with. Was the minor charged for anything at all resembling your theatrical rendition????????????????

  • ewe

    @bobito: No it’s not. It’s Battery. Keep your hands off others. That’s the message.

  • alan brickman

    paparrazi are scum…it just that simple…

  • skzip888

    If this was a straight man pushing a Gay paparazzo we would never tolerate this crap. Dealing with jerk straight guys who think I’m trying to get into their pants is no less of a pain than every single woman I meet wanting to assault me with pepper mace just because I dare walk on the same side of the street. If exposure makes her so paranoid, maybe its time she leave showbiz and put that Yale education to use somewhere else.

    If mean scare you that bad, maybe Mel Gibson isn’t the best choice to star in your next production.

    Also, I hear coming out of the closet makes you less jumpy. Just a thought.

  • skzip888

    That was horrible spelling. I apologize for the typos, but not for the criticism. She still owes me $8.50 for “Nell.”

  • ewe

    @skzip888: LMAO. touche’.

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