Joe Biden Is A Total Babe, Jake Shears Is All Ass & Robbie Rogers Is Into Hot Yoga This Week On Instagram

The week that brought us naked male models, half-naked Zac Efron and drunk bareback sex was a hot one on Instagram.

Dallas Stoli Guy runner-up Adrian Balansay and winner Davidré Stefond are all smiles after this week’s competition at the Round-Up Saloon.

Vice President Joe Biden reveals himself to have been a Grade-A hottie back in the day.

Diving brofriends Jack Laugher and Chris Mears celebrate their Commonwealth Games gold medals.

Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears is diggin’ Kick Sagat, the new swimwear line by gay porn star Francois Sagat.

Colton Haynes body glides across a ball, probably not for the first time. He also hung out with his married gay brother and his daughter this week.

Michael Sam shares the first picture from the St. Louis Rams’ training camp.

Dustin Lance Black shares a shot of Tom Daley‘s Commonwealth Games silver medal. “So proud of my man,” he writes. Aww!

Former O-Town hunk Ashley Parker Angel is all grown up and entertaining a career as an underwear model.

Pretty Women unite! Andy Cohen and Julia Roberts take a selfie backstage at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Laverne Cox gets real on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Chris Mears receives “treatment from g-dawg.” Feel free to let your mind wander.

Zachary Quinto serves smoldering pink eye. Still hot.

Boyfriends Blake Skjellerup and Saul Carrasco welcome you into their bed.

Weekend vacations are for peasants. So live vicariously through another snapshot from rich people Terry Miller and Dan Savage’s summer-long European vacation.


Midnight Red member Anthony Ladao shows us the view from behind.

Zac Efron straddles a rope in yet another teaser for his sexy shirtless appearance on Running Wild with Bear Grylls.

Dan Osborne steps back into his Instashower, this time with a huge and unmistakable bulge.

Robbie Rogers takes a hot yoga class with his LA Galaxy teammates.

Out actor Chris Salvatore has become a bear. And a merman.

Simon Sherry-Wood’s secret to six-pack abs: watermelon.