Gays 'have nothing to worry about'

Joe Biden On Board With Obama’s Rick Warren Pick

With Barack Obama having used his opportunity to explain, unconvincingly, why it’s okay to invite to Inauguration Day bigot pastor Rick Warren (who also rationalized the decision), it’s now Joe Biden‘s turn. And no surprise here: Biden is in lock step with the boss.

From a Larry King Live interview that will air tonight on CNN at 9pm EST:

[John] King: There has been much controversy over the selection of Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at the inaugural.

He’s been a guest on this show an awful lot, and he supported California’s Proposition 8, a measure that outlaws gay marriage. He is also very opposed to abortion. I know the gay community in America appears to be up in arms. What do you make of this?

Biden: Well, I’d make of it [as] Barack Obama keeping his commitment.

Barack Obama said you’ve got to reach out. You’ve got to reach a hand of friendship across the aisle and across philosophies in this country.

We can’t continue to be a red and blue country. We can’t be divided like we have been. And he’s made good on his promise.

And I would say to the gay and lesbian community, they have nothing to worry about. Barack Obama, every aspect of his life, every aspect of his public life, and every commitment he’s made relating to equality for all people, will be things that he will stick with and that they should view this in the spirit in which he offered the opportunity to — to Mr. Warren.

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