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Joe Jonas smolders; Chelsea Clinton persists; Matthew Perry beats up Justin Trudeau

Joe Jonas gets all punky-scowley in the latest issue of Flaunt, posing for a handful of photos and wondering aloud if he’ll ever top “Cake by the Ocean.”

Is Caitlyn Jenner joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? All signs point to “yes,” but those signs are wrong. The sketchy hearsay was first reported by Naughty Gossip, so Mic reached out to NBC who confirmed it’s nonsense — or, as Andy Cohen calls it, “noise.”

There’s a thing about all Canadians knowing each other, right? Because Matthew Perry attended the same grammar school as Justin Trudeau and apparently beat up the Canadian Prime Minister-to-be in a fit of jealous rage.

Chelsea Clinton thumbs her nose at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell with her brand-new picture book, which just so happens to be titled “She Persisted.” Entertainment Weekly reports the book will profile 13 remarkable women who stood up to opposition — and it may even feature a cameo by Elizabeth Warren herself.

Male models. What makes them tick? And what ticks them off? Find out in this segment by W, which corners six up-and-comers and asks them each to describe their biggest pet peeves: