Joe Lieberman, The ‘Religious Phoney’ Who Violated Judaism By Repealing DADT

I was waiting for the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal debate to turn religious, and I had to wade into the murky depths of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality’s Peter LaBarbera to get there: “Americans are tired of religious phoneys like [Sen. Joseph] Lieberman – politicians who use their religion as a PR prop while actively undermining its moral dictates. Claiming to be an ‘observant’ Jew, Lieberman wears his religion on his sleeve (perhaps he will walk, not drive, on the Jewish Sabbath Day today to cast his pro-homosexuality vote!). Stealing the moral authority of ‘civil rights’ is the only way Lieberman can rationalize his role as a crusader for the ‘Gay’ Lobby on Capitol Hill — when His religion, a form of Orthodox Judaism, condemns homosexual acts as an ‘abomination.’” And while many folks would disagree with that assessment, I’m going to find a small child (the tinier the hands, the better) to write that down on a tiny piece of parchment, then stick it in a mezuzah, hang it near my door, and kiss it every time I leave the house. [via]

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  • Curt

    I am one of those liberals, who has been very frustrated with Sen. Lieberman over the past few years. His leadership on this issue has totally changed my mind. I would vote for him in the future again and again and again. Bless him!


    If you want to put yourselves in a great mood, just prior to Christmas and really spread the cheer check out the link above listed as “via”…………

    Its so very nice to see how many bigoted, hatefull, lunatic, scumbag right wing nutjobs heads have exploded due to this vote. Thanks guys, you made my holidays!!! :p

  • gregger

    OMG, the “via” asswipe blog was amazingly horrendous. People like that make me glad that I checked out of religion.

  • Harry


    That’s why he supported DADT. He’s been the target of Progressive ire for years. This pulls him back to the left and positions him for the 2012 Sentate primary or other primaries.

  • hudson

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: I checked out the ‘via’ link. Had no idea CrazyTown, USA was so well populated. Seems to be mostly made up of men too. Hmmmmmmmmmm Love the doofus from Mass Resistance- doesn’t seem to much like women either.


    I hope all you ‘mo’s below the 49th have a great Holiday Season- you finally have something good from Washington to celebrate!! Things are looking up.


  • ILoveDudes

    I always liked Lieberman more than not, and admired his candor with the Ground Zero mosque situation (saying it shouldn’t be forbidden, but was troubled by why such a sensitive area/site was being chosen). He’s the one whose opinion I’d most like to hear about this alleged plan to move the mosque to the West Village.

  • Steve

    I’m not too worried by a guy who apparently can’t spell a simple word like phony correctly.

  • GoingThere

    The ground zero mosque, which is really just a Muslim community center, from what I know, would only be a block from the Gay Center if it moves there. But I think it’s jumping the gun to say it’s going to happen.

  • ROB

    @ Steve – ‘phoney’ is a perfectly acceptable variant spelling, and the more usual one in the UK, in fact.

    Obviously this guy’s a douche, however, whether he can spell or not.

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