Joe Manganiello Explores “Shocking” Work Of Male Strippers In Directorial Debut

The 'La Bare' dancers
The ‘La Bare’ dancers

Shredded super hunk and noted method actor Joe Manganiello makes his directorial debut this month with La Bare, a documentary film that explores the wonderful world of male stripping and the “new kind of superhero” that brings “a different kind of action.”

Inspired by his role as Big Dick Richie in Magic Mike, Manganiello’s La Bare is a “shocking, hilarious, and heartfelt” look at the work of real-life male strippers and how entertaining a crowd of ravenous, horny females is ten times harder than arousing a group of men.

This, dear readers, is what heterosexual people (except Amy Kushnir) find “shocking“:

I can’t express to you how many times I’ve heard, “We’ve seen it all.” “There’s nothing new.” “Everything is recycled.” “Nothing is shocking.” Blah, blah, blah … But I guess I just never really paid attention to the chatter until I made my first feature film.

Soon after filming, there were the bands that had pulled their songs from the film despite the protests of their record label, the ban of our art/posters on bus stops and billboards due to it being too risqué … And then came the wait for the MPAA rating … And with that, the realization that I indeed had found something new, something fresh, something shocking to show the general public.

Check out the totally tame “red band” (??) trailer for La Bare below and, as Manganiello says, “let the conversations begin.”

La Bare hits theaters June 27.