Joe Manganiello Gives A Lesson On Male Stripping, Wins Us Over Again

MM-GW-02607rTrue Blood wolf-hunk Joe Manganiello may never have worked as a stripper to pay the bills, but he’s sure as hell proven that he could have.

There’s no denying his mastery of gyrations, thrusts and body rolls in Steven Soderbergh/Channing Tatum‘s shockingly good Magic Mike (and he’ll likely be nude in the upcoming sequel) so he stopped by Conan recently to offer a tutorial.

Side note: damn he looks good in a suit.

Watch here:

Joe also directed a documentary about real life male strippers called La Bare. Imagining him hanging out in the dressing rooms with a bunch of oiled up demigods is a bit too much for us.

Here’s the skin-packed preview:

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