Joe McElderry Quickly Following the Adam Lambert Business Model

sJoe McElderry, the X Factor winner who just came out upon realizing after 23 years he doesn’t like girls, has so been embraced by the queers that he’s going to pay them back: His “first ever show” to promote his new LP will be at London’s G-A-Y.

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  • joanna

    He isn’t 23. He’s 19 years old.

  • terry

    Since he’s only 19, how does Queerty figure it took him 23 years to come out? A little journalism would be a good idea instead of unfair mean-spirited inaccuracies. He is a talented and brave young man.

  • Frank

    HAHAHAHAHAHA – three words you cannot use together in sentence – queerty, journalism, truth…

  • Black Pegasus


  • Jack

    @joanna: His name isn’t ‘sJoe’, either. And ‘LP’ – seriously!? What decade is Queerty living in?!

  • Kevin

    LP is a generally accepted technical term for a “full” CD, as opposed to an EP, which is shorter. I don’t know this guy at all, but if he’s put out an EP already, you can’t say that it’s his first album, CD, whatever, but you can say that it’s his first LP. So yeah, maybe complain about their ACTUAL errors.

  • Sean

    I’d like to sample his LP. I bet it’s got some tasty tracks.


    I’d certainly like to sing into his microphone……… :p

  • edgyguy1426

    I used to defend the site, yet bemoan all the bad proofreading (if it is indeed, proofread.) But lately there are more and more factual errors in the Queerty posts that are being found by the average joe. Yes, this is just a fluff piece, but the hurry to put this up, facts and typos be damned, make this the last place I look at instead of the first. There are so many other good blogs out there. Why settle for less?

  • Ricky Wuz Here

    @edgyguy1426: perhaps Fox news bought the rights to this?


    True there are many other sites. But the vast majority takes forever to see your posts actually posted, if ever and usually it is edited. Queerts gives posters more freedom to banter and bicker than most other sites. They allow you to say pretty much anything (except the word p e n i s go figger!) Ya gotta take the bad with the good………..

  • swarm

    And this has WHAT to do with Adam Lambert [openly gay person since high school]? Other than Queerty lying for blog hits. He has NEVER denied his sexuality, and made sure that his FIRST PRESS INTERVIEW (which happened to be with Rolling Stone) was IN DEPTH about it. Moreover, Adam Lambert has never been “confused” in the least about being gay, unlike this kid, who Queerty thinks at age 19 (just this past June) is fair game to bash. In fact, Adam interviewed one time that there was no way he’d ever consider living a lie since (paraphrasing) “It’d be hard to find anyone gayer than Adam Lambert”. Whoever wrote this is disgusting.

    And NO, an “LP” is not a synonym for a CD. It’s vinyl only. EP means extended play, longer than a single. sigh.

  • Denver Joe

    @swarm: Why so cranky, Girl?

  • Paul Mc

    Honestly, Queerty.


    G.A.Y. some kind of gayxploitation?

    In actual fact, G.A.Y. is a MUST for the reality TV winners of X-factor and other pop stars. Kylie has played there many times.

    It is just another day in the UK pop business to do G.A.Y.

    Get your facts right.

  • Phil

    He looks like the Max kid from Wizards of Waverly Place. What?

  • swarm

    @No. 13 · Denver Joe
    @swarm: Why so cranky, Girl?

    IKR? LOL You get that way after watching your [gay] brother go thru life with assholes (like this blogger) then watching an entire comm bash Adam Lambert just for sport for months and with bogus accusations….until you/he finally succeeds in proving his “value”. Now some jackass blogger decides to go backwards and assert a bullshit “Lambert Business Model” AND bash a self professed confused 19 year old? eyeroll.

    I’d LOVE to know how many Queerty posters (especially the mean loudmouth ones) go to their JOB and act as “out” and “activist” as they expect these public figures to do and be. Don’t get me wrong, I can be mean and have no respect for NPH, Ellen, Rosie et al and random fauxmos (Gaga)- compared to the courageous Adam… but leave kids alone and LEAVE LAMBERT out of things that have nothing to do with him.

  • swarm

    BTW Queerty. Since you can’t be bothered promoting a successful gay man who’s over half way through his sold out tour of 70 concerts to mad good reviews, I’ll post one. hrmph. Not any surprise that regardless of the venue (from 1500 to 10000) he’s getting all good press that you ignore. Not to mention selling over 2 million albums/singles internationally and actually GETTING airplay from those radio homophobes.


    Idol worship for glam god Adam Lambert

    By Lauren Carter / Review
    Saturday, August 21, 2010 – Added 12 hours ago

    Teenage girls love Adam Lambert. So do grandmothers. And drag queens. And middle-aged women. And 12-year-old boys who came with their entire family.

    Friday night’s show at South Shore Music Circus explained why.

    The “American Idol” runner-up delivered a maxed-out, consummate performance that suggested he’ll be playing a venue three times as large next time he comes around.

    And he managed to do what Aretha Franklin could not a few weeks prior: Sell out the venue and create a frenzy in the process.

    A Glambert appearance isn’t just a performance, it’s a phenomenon of sorts. Fans of all shapes and sizes – mind-bogglingly so – come to witness not just Lambert’s impressive vocal histrionics, but the glitzy fever that comes along with it. In terms of screams alone, Lambert owned the venue from the moment he appeared at tent’s edge wearing a purple fur coat and feathered top hat.

    His 70-minute set, which felt like it could have lasted comfortably for another half hour, was a dazzling mix of punk, disco, funk, synthpop and rock – mixed with feathers, leather and asymmetrical haircuts.

    Drawing mostly from Lambert’s debut album, “For Your Entertainment,” the show took some twists and turns, from the disco dark tones of the opener “Voodoo,” which led to “Down the Rabbit Hole” and “Fever,” to the hyper-pop of “If I Had You” and the meditative “Streetwalker.”

    Mid-set, Lambert took to a stool for a stripped-down “Whataya Want From Me,” an acoustic “Aftermath,” and a piano-assisted “Soaked,” by far the night’s best display of vocal power.

    In between strutting around the stage (during “Strut,” for example) Lambert joined his dancers in choreography, eliciting shrieks every time he popped a hip or shoulder.

    Guitar-wielding Orianthi displayed some impressive guitar licks and abrasive pop-rock on “According to Him” and “Shut Up and Kiss Me.” Even more impressive was fellow “American Idol” alum Allison Iraheta, who channeled a Janis Joplin-esque sound to open the show.

    Adam Lambert, with Allison Iraheta and Orianthi. At South Shore Music Circus, Cohasset, last night.

  • swarm

    ^^ I guess “the Lambert Business Model” is werkin just fine, no thanks to gay blogs.

  • Michael

    Since everything else is wrong, I assume this isn’t his real picture, either.

  • Michael

    19 is a good age to fall back to when you’re 23 and realize the girl thing is not going to work out.

  • Leroy

    Wow, someone really should have taken journalism in college before this post.

  • Rob

    Thanks for posting this “sentence” about 2009 X Factor winner Joe McElderry. This 19 y.o. British singer is really good. There are lots of YouTube videos of his appearances on X Factor. It’s fun to watch his journey from his Manchester tryout in front of the judges last summer to winning it all this past December and then announcing this summer that he’s gay. And, I love his Geordie accent. If he tries to break into the US market, it’ll be interesting to see what his handlers (like Simon Cowell) do to change or accept his regional UK speech pattern. On the other hand, his singing voice is really “pop star” terrific. You go, Joe!

  • hephaestion

    Do you ever get the impression that Queerty is comprised of a bunch of half-literate morons who don’t have a clue what they’re doing?

    And yet we keep coming back to it because there is no alternative to it.

  • L.

    @terry: Not to mention that, even if he *were* 23, saying he waited 23 years to come out means he should have come out at birth.

    We can only guess the ‘author’ of this post was ‘out and proud’ right there in the delivery room, then.

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