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Joe Scarborough: Let Gays Get Married, Just Not In My State

Former Florida congressman Joe Scarborough has been called many things in his career. Most recently, Christopher Buckley called him the new face of the Republican Party. If that were even remotely true, would having the Morning Joe host indirectly in charge of the GOP be an okay thing for gays?

Yes! And: no.

You’ll get the idea from this clip that Joe doesn’t hate the idea of gay marriage. He doesn’t care if two gay guys get married “in Vermont,” because that doesn’t affect his marriage in Florida. But when Chris Matthews quizzes him on whether he’d be okay with two gay guys marrying in Florida, Joe is suddenly a bit squeamish.

This is not a terribly unique opinion. “Not in my backyard” can be applied to anyone looking to seem progressive, whether they’re pro-prisons or pro-halfway houses, just so long as they’re in someone else’s neighborhood.

But it’s just Joe’s stance that marriage equality is a “social issue” that should be regulated by the states — and not an equal rights mandate deserving of federal declarations — that will forever keep him in history’s Intolerant column.

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  • andy_d

    Sounds like the old, tired and debunked “States Rights” argument all over again . . .

  • Forrest

    we are marrying each other not him! To Joe anything not in the panhandle is not fl sorry ftl

  • dommy

    Looks like Joe “Asswipe” Scarborough is just getting pissy because he’s not allowed to marry the dead intern they found in his office.

  • Captain Freedom

    Look at this… We’ve shifted the debate from “Federal Marriage Amendment” to “let states decide” and pretty soon it will be “alright but just don’t force the churches to marry” just like in NH and after that “we were wrong! Let gays marry!!”

  • Jteasdal

    Hey wow, we are seeing movement on the right towards more acceptance of gay marriage, so lets attack them since they aren’t completely there yet. Bad strategy

  • greg

    I think Joe is fine with gay marriage — but I think he’s using code here too. His real target is Roe v. Wade.

  • Dorian

    Who is Joe Scarborough?

  • rick

    i never trust a man who had the dead body of a woman found in his office.

  • TANK

    Oy, this guy’s such an obvious douchenozzle.

  • EE Keller

    DOUCHENOZZLE!!!! How could I have lived this long without hearing that before? roflmaotipmp

  • timncguy

    if you saw this entire segment yesterday, what you would have heard is a bunch of hypocrisay.

    Joe started out with the position that the givernment should stay OUT ofthe bedroom. Then it siwtched to the FEDERAL government should stay out ofthe bedroom. Then it became states should decide.

    I don’t understand how anyone can claim that the federal govt should stay OUT of the bedroom, but the state govt shold get into it.

  • Jake the libertarian

    I kinda like Scarborough. I don’t have a problem with the states rights argument and I don’t think he is a bigot. Hey, fuckin hang me for it… Not every straight person needs to march in a gay pride parade. He is welcome to his opinion as long as he isn’t spewing hate… and I have never known him to spew hate and lies.

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