Joe Scarborough’s Trans Comments Spark Protest

Joe Scarborough can expect some angry letters! The Republican politico turned MSNBC host shocked and awed on his MSNBC show, Morning Joe when he derided pregnant trans man Thomas Beatie. A blogger by the name of Scandalous Candice passes on her account of the incident:

[Joe and his colleagues, Mika Brzezinski and Wilie Geist] reported on Thomas Beatie, the transgendered male who is having a baby. I admit that this is an unusual story. But they put the story in what they call an useless news category “News You Can’t Use” and proceeded to make fun of them and call the couple “disgusting” and make “ewww” sounds.

The also called it “garbage” and [said] “people don’t want to wake up to this crap.” That was quoted by Mika Brzezinski. Joe used the story to lead into the next story by saying “this is probably why 81% of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.” A poll reported by the New York Times.

In an effort to right this fucked up wrong, Candice penned a letter to MSNBC demanding a full apology for the “foul and juvenile” remarks. She’s also contacted GLAAD and other rabble-rousers to put some pressure on Scarborough and his team.

Update: Watch the video, after the jump. We’re especially upset with Mika’s comment: “don’t want to know the deal. I don’t want to hear. I’m gonna be sick. I’m gonna be sick. I am upset. That was not only stupid and useless, but quite frankly, disgusting.” We’re not sure why, but we expected better.

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  • Scandalous Candice

    I really appreciate you drawing attention to this. I am so mad about this situation.

    I live in Boston but I am prepared to go down to New York and stage a protest until they say sorry or are suspended. Too many times you hear these anti-gay remarks go unnoticed and unpunished in the media. Well not today! Not this time!

  • GayBobVT

    How was it “anti-gay”? Anti-queer, maybe.

  • todd

    Another angry white dinosaur that faces extinction. MSNBC is a bastion of testosterone fueled bigotry. Joe needs to think about the dead woman in his office who derailed his political career before he starts hurling stones.

  • Scandalous Candice

    Fair enough gaybobvt. It’s anti-queer. Anti-decency?

  • homophob

    these people make me sick. these people are why the counrty is headed in the wrong direction. human race was created as ADAM and EVE not ADAM and STEVE.the country is getting too relaxed because it is told not to hurt others feelings. everything is so politically correct. Bullshit. these people need their feelings hurt and need to crawl back in the closet where they came from. its a sick and disgusting way of life. man and women were born with specific organs that work and fit together. men were not supposed to be wiith men nor women with women they just dont fit together.

    people are sick and tired of having to bow down to these kind of people because it might hurt their feelings well guess what so f*****g what get over it.

  • marty

    Hey Homophob

    My gay husband’s organs fit just fine in my organs, thank you very much.

    Bow down, you bigot!

  • ajax

    Hey, Homophob, it seems to me that Thomas Beatie’s organs are working just fine and doing EXACTLY what God intended them to do. Why are you picking on the poor guy for living God’s Plan?

  • Paul Raposo

    Joe Scarborough is a murderer. While a politican, he beat his secretary/mistress to death with a baseball bat in his office and he never spent a day in jail, nor faced any sort of investigation. His opinion on ANYTHING is as meaningless as the opinions of his anti-trans listners.

  • Dom

    Hey, Joe, how’s that dead intern doing? Funny how you never mention the disgust people should feel about watching a talk show host who was involved in the death of a young woman. Of course, if it had been a young man, we might have had a hot story. EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

  • Rick

    i expect better from willie geist. but, i think this trans story is stupid. that is NOT a trans man, it is a lesbian that got her boobs taken off.

  • Tim

    Hey Rick,
    You don’t get to define who Thomas Beatie is, he does. Just as others don’t get to define me as gay, straight, bi, etc. This is America.

  • M Shane

    Rick : what could be more than approprate than “trans man” that clarifies the situation and indeed, makes it more understandable. I’d like to know more of the medical stuff. It sounds really interesting, and not that strange. Are you OK? I mean mentally.

  • leomoore

    Why would someone with the screen name HomoPhob be hanging out on a queer website? Prurient curiosity? The occasional pictures of pretty male models? Or is it to gain a sense of adequacy by offering insults and pretending to type “fucking”?

  • Jessica

    To be disgusted by the image of a pregnant woman who looks and acts like a man is not only a valid response, it’s a natural response. The painfully obvious fact that the media are largely missing is that Thomas Beatie is a woman, and she’s pregnant. Why is that interesting? It’s not. And that’s why Scarborough is absolutely right when he categorizes this “story” show as “News You Can’t Use.”

  • homophob

    Marty: you are one sick person.

    Ajax: if he/she/it wanted to be a man he/she/it shouldnt be having a baby.

    Leomoore: i happened upon this site by pure accident when i was checking out about this a man having a baby. He/she/it has totally FUCKED UP and set you people back a step towards the closet which is where you should be. it pisses me off that you people think everyone should accept people like you when what you people are doing is totally against nature. i have always thought that you people are this way by choice. Nature does not program any other two same sex animals to commit and sodomize each other which in most places illegal(there might be a mix up by an overzealous male animal sometimes)but that still doesnt make it right. couple should be male and female period. if you people want to be with each other you should not be allowed kids period. you forfeit that right when you decide to be together as same sex people knowing you dont have the equipment between the two of you to produce a baby and so therefore you should not be llowed children. wha other choice would the child have but be another he/she/it when thats how the child will be brought up. think about the ridicule the child takes for having two dads or two moms. you people dont think about things like this only your selfish agenda of being homos with a child so you can look good.

  • Paul Raposo

    “To be disgusted by the image of a pregnant woman who looks and acts like a man is not only a valid response…”

    Perhaps to an anti-LGBTQ sack of garbage like you, Jessica, that would be a valid response. However, to Americans who appreciate that Mr. Beattie lives in a country where one’s inalienable rights are enshrined in the constitution, your’s is a knee-jerk reaction to a person who dares to not conform.

    If you want everyone to walk lockstep with what YOU believe is right, Jessica, then move to China where your Commie conformist ideals are embraced.

    “…it’s a natural response.”

    A natural response for bigoted trash who in the 1950’s would be saying that it is a valid response to be disgusted at the sight of a person of colour, “acting white,” or daring to drink from a white’s fountain.

    “Thomas Beatie is a woman, and she’s pregnant. Why is that interesting?”

    For the reasons outlined above, cupcake. What I find not the least bit interesting are the typical and expected comments from the anti-Trans shame brigade. Yet we allow you to post here and bitch and moan, even though you feel Mr. Beatie should be ignored by the media. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, ‘eh comrade?

    “when he categorizes this ‘story’ show as ‘News You Can’t Use.'”

    If I can’t use this news, then why did “Scarface” Scarborough talk about this? Clearly he believes this was news worthy to spend expensive airtime dsicussing it.

    Now get back to your sandbox, Jessica, the grown-ups are talking

  • M Shane

    I’m curious as to why these intolerant emissaries of Hell are doing here, too. Jessica, you really do need to put your head under a tire again(a truck tire): see if things get shifted around anymore. Homophobe, it’s really easy to guess from your rage that you are just a really pissed off closet queen, made because you don’t have the guts to wear a dress.

    TheMr. Beatie who is pregnant has some of the best of both worlds, and anyone like this fool Scarborough needs to admit like the two of you, that Nasi school only made fools of you to people who believe in compassion and reward ingenuity. Get your money back, buy some roach powder.

  • Rex

    The Bottomline for me is: WHy did they report it…If in fact they were and DID act like Immature children….”Oh my eyes,I can’t look…tell me when it’s over”! That was blatant Immaturity…I do NOT pretend to understand trans person (and Im a gay man)..but the Total Lack of respect towards this story was blatant,and showed poor judgement. If anything Willie acted like the more mature one. I for one HOPE one of Joe Scarborough’s kids are gay/trangendered…or an Emo,or Goth – or something that he can’t wrap his “mongoloid” looking self around! I sent an email to MSNBC stating how lousy thier treatment/and the Immaturity they showed….and Obvious lack of professionalism!

  • bate


  • Jason

    No. 16 · homophob

    Marty: you are one sick person.

    Ajax: if he/she/it wanted to be a man he/she/it shouldnt be having a baby.

    Does not sound to me like it is really your decision/choice whether he/she can/wants to have a baby. While I agree, the media is paying too much attention to this because Thomas Beattie is still technically not a man (medically speaking) yet.

    He is not hurting me, I wish them best of luck and happiness in life. The story is summed up by this being a woman who is becoming a man, but before she completes the process, they decided to have a baby.

  • Teabaggin' Your Face

    Nature does not program any other two same sex animals to commit and sodomize each other . . . (there might be a mix up by an overzealous male animal sometimes). . .

    Dear ‘Phob,

    Listen, college fraternity hazing rituals during Hell Week can get out of hand, especially when too much liquor is involved. You shouldn’t feel bad about it. But, really, you should leave those pledges’ behind!

  • AnneB.

    wow…how do people like Homophob live with themselves, harboring such burning hatred towards their fellow humans?….I guess it’s easy to do when you’re not truly human yourself, huh, HPhob?…

    P.S…nice how “Phob’s” screen name reveals so much…physician, heal thyself.

  • Nona

    Umm… Silly question: Why do WE have to own the trannies? Why do we have to automatically lump their thing in with our thing?

    Homosexuality is a natural variant of behavior. Having one’s genitals surgically mangled seems fundamentally disordered.

    Lesbian and Gay kind of go together. If we’re forcing the issue, then fine, Lesbian Gay and Bisexual (though I’ll start believing in bisexuals when I see one riding by on a unicorn). But Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender? One of these things is not like the other…

  • Elaine Reynolds

    I agree with Paul re: Joe (tiny, beady eyed, tiny, thin lips (which suggests your are mean) being a murderer! He should not even be on this show. Why oh why did they ever hire him???? And that hee, hee, hee Mika, Yuk, yuk! She thinks she is above everyone except Obama and she can have him!!!!

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