Joe Scarborough’s Trans Comments Spark Protest

Joe Scarborough can expect some angry letters! The Republican politico turned MSNBC host shocked and awed on his MSNBC show, Morning Joe when he derided pregnant trans man Thomas Beatie. A blogger by the name of Scandalous Candice passes on her account of the incident:

[Joe and his colleagues, Mika Brzezinski and Wilie Geist] reported on Thomas Beatie, the transgendered male who is having a baby. I admit that this is an unusual story. But they put the story in what they call an useless news category “News You Can’t Use” and proceeded to make fun of them and call the couple “disgusting” and make “ewww” sounds.

The also called it “garbage” and [said] “people don’t want to wake up to this crap.” That was quoted by Mika Brzezinski. Joe used the story to lead into the next story by saying “this is probably why 81% of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.” A poll reported by the New York Times.

In an effort to right this fucked up wrong, Candice penned a letter to MSNBC demanding a full apology for the “foul and juvenile” remarks. She’s also contacted GLAAD and other rabble-rousers to put some pressure on Scarborough and his team.

Update: Watch the video, after the jump. We’re especially upset with Mika’s comment: “don’t want to know the deal. I don’t want to hear. I’m gonna be sick. I’m gonna be sick. I am upset. That was not only stupid and useless, but quite frankly, disgusting.” We’re not sure why, but we expected better.