Joe Simpson Conducts Shameless Public Photoshoot With Young Male Companion

Joe Simpson, famous father of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, has officially been spotted with a new male companion.

Camera in hand, the 55-year-old grandfather spent the afternoon snapping some sultry photos of his new “friend” during an impromptu photoshoot in the crowded South Beach sand.

The former minister has long been the subject of gay rumors and recently ended his 35-year marriage with Jessica and Ashlee’s mother, Tina Simpson. In 2012, a gay male escort dumped the alleged details of his three-hour, $600 love sesh with Simpson, claiming his “insatiable appetite for sex…never really tired.”

Sources close to the Simpson family have reportedly confirmed that Joe Simpson is gay, claiming he’ll never admit it because he’s “too embarrassed.”

Really, Joe? There’s honestly nothing to be embarrassed about when a shirtless 20-something is lying spread-eagle in front of your camera lens. Have no shame, girl.


Photos via Daily Mail