Joe Simpson Conducts Shameless Public Photoshoot With Young Male Companion

Joe Simpson, famous father of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, has officially been spotted with a new male companion.

Camera in hand, the 55-year-old grandfather spent the afternoon snapping some sultry photos of his new “friend” during an impromptu photoshoot in the crowded South Beach sand.

The former minister has long been the subject of gay rumors and recently ended his 35-year marriage with Jessica and Ashlee’s mother, Tina Simpson. In 2012, a gay male escort dumped the alleged details of his three-hour, $600 love sesh with Simpson, claiming his “insatiable appetite for sex…never really tired.”

Sources close to the Simpson family have reportedly confirmed that Joe Simpson is gay, claiming he’ll never admit it because he’s “too embarrassed.”

Really, Joe? There’s honestly nothing to be embarrassed about when a shirtless 20-something is lying spread-eagle in front of your camera lens. Have no shame, girl.


Photos via Daily Mail

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  • Apparatus

    I wonder how much Joe paid for that boy.

  • KittyLitter

    Gross. What has been seen cannot be unseen.
    Why are there so many cradle robbing geezers and gold digging twinks in the “gay-community” now?

  • Cam

    Actually, the fact that he is gay makes the comment he made about his daughter’s breasts much less creepy to me.

  • balehead

    Boy does he like them young!….

  • Mike

    They make a good pair because they are both not hot. That kid is a gold-digger and he’s an old chicken hawk.

  • Cam


    LOL!!!!!! Yes, because of course the Simpsons can’t afford a professional photographer. ;)

  • Truth Addict

    Is that a Vape Pen he is sucking on? Talk about paradise. On the beach with a luscious hottie getting high on weed. I am so jealous. :-)


    Good for Joe if he found some enjoyment from a younger man. Bad for jealous queens who wish they were getting what they like.

  • tdx3fan

    @KittyLitter: You have no clue what there relationship is about (or what the relationship is about for all of the other people you just insulted) but you need to comment anyways? Your comment reeks of pure and utter jealousy. There are plenty of real relationships that revolve around older guys and younger guys. As long as it is legal, they should feel free to enjoy life however they legally want.

  • Wingfield

    @PARKAVMAN: I completely agree.

  • TerrenM

    *find the key

  • TinoTurner

    How embarassing for both parties. I love it when people “model”…like those photos are going to look good. And to those sick fucks claiming we’re “jealous”….no, its called pity. Its sad…sad you need to hire a prostitute. I can only imagine how much money Mr. Simpson has but if I were his age and had the cash, no, I wouldn’t humiliate myself by being seeing with a child that is only interested in my wallet.

  • Bopper1

    …hey guys…I really don’t get this…I’m recently out, in my 50s and have come to the conclusion that the only thing cattier, nastier and more discriminatory than the LGBT haters are the gays themselves…it’s the elephant in the room…every time a gay couple is spotted in the media, a Greek chorus of angry gays heaps criticism on them for everything from their respective ages to the way they dress…50 year old straight guys date younger women all the time and are the envy of other straight men…as long as everyone’s legal and nobody is getting hurt, what should anyone care?…it’s a casual but verifiable observation of mine that there is a rigid stratification of value and acceptance in the LGBT community (gays hate lesbians, lesbians hate gays, everybody hates bi’s, over 30 and you’re dead, don’t come out unless you’re good looking) that’s really unappealing…worse, it plays into the hands of all who would separate us from our rights and inclusion…take it from someone who’s older than most of you, if a person can find happiness with another person, whatever their definition of happiness may be and however different it may be from your own, they’re lucky…jeez…

  • TerrenM

    @Bopper1: Once again, AMEN!

  • Jonty Coppersmith

    I don’t know if this is his nephew or his “date,” but if they’re happy than I’m happy for them. Age can cause problems in a relationship, but it doesn’t have to.

  • BigWoody

    @Bopper1: Well said.

  • tada-no

    NAMBLA brigade failed to gain social acceptance so now they’re going at it with barely-legal boy toy route to stay away from trouble. It’s chicken-hawk season this year. But ugh can’t these men be a little more self aware and not look completely ridiculous in public? Preacher Simpson looks like creep costume character taking pics like this in public.

  • Stache1

    @ouragannyc: I assume your kidding.

  • Stache1

    @PARKAVMAN: Yeah, it’s amazing what kind of happiness that being wealthy can bring you. Not so sure a regular Joe of his age with be able to find the same kind of happiness. As a matter of fact I’m sure of it.

  • dougmc92

    ah- the DLB acolytes gain another member.

  • Stache1

    When you see these old queens running around with these young bucks it’s almost always about the money no matter how much daddy’s deluded himself otherwise. “We have love and no one understands”! Please. Take away juniors allowance and see how long that love lasts. Oh well, I’m happy for them. Really:)

  • chub4bears

    No time to be catty. If you were that age and wealthy you KNOW you would have boytoys lined up. I just think flaunting it is an embarrassment to Jessica and Ashley a a painful slap in the face to their Mom. Jess needs to close her billion dollar pursestrings.

  • Josh in OR

    @ouragannyc: Somehow, that just makes this seem creepier…

  • Black Pegasus

    This is one example of why gay men who marry unsuspecting women as beards are the scum of the earth. This is unfair to his children and his former wife. Years of a sham marriage filled of lies and betrayal.

  • Stache1

    @chub4bears: I agree. However, it would just be lot’s of wknd flings and I would eventually return them. Call it old fashioned but I want someone around where we have stuff in common.

  • sangsue

    I don’t get it. Since gay men get older, why be so nasty about relationships they get into? What are gay men supposed to do when they get older, become celibate?

  • sangsue

    @Black Pegasus:

    How do you know his wife didn’t know?

  • Josh in OR

    @sangsue: For me, it’s not the age difference. They’re both adults, at least I’m pretty sure they are, so that’s not the issue. For me, the issue is more about yet ANOTHER old, closeted guy preying on young, pretty men – who are probably also preying on the older, closeted man for money and ‘gifts’. It’s mutually destructive, and just helps the opponents of equality by allowing them to point and say, “See? Gays are all perverts and wierdos!”

    I dunno, it just…feels fucked up from whatever angle you look at it.

  • Bopper1

    @Josh in OR:
    …J, point taken, but the reality is that a lot of gay and straight people are attracted to youth and beauty, it’s not exclusive to the gay culture and it’s as old as time, it’s one of the reasons we survive as a species, we’re programmed to partner with people who will guarantee successful procreation, at least biologically and it’s not necessarily predatory….socially, I know of no one, man or woman, straight or gay, who’s lookin for an old person, an unfortunate reality…but, having had relationships with younger people, where no money or power or influence was exchanged, I know it’s possible…we had a great time and didn’t scare the horses…what’s goin on between these two is no more “perverted” than anything goin on in tha rest of tha world…and we don’t know for sure if money is being exchanged or if either of them is a predator…see my earlier comment about how the LGBT world castigates it’s own with painful frequency…

  • Respect4all

    @Josh in OR: Right. And you’ve never heard of a rich, old guy hooking up with a young, beautiful woman. No straight people would ever do that because everyone would think they are perverts and weirdoes.

  • LadyL

    Oh, leave them alone.
    If it’s strictly an escort thing, well it’s his money and his life to do with what he wishes. If they’re truly a couple, they have the right to enjoy each other without the world taking cheap shots and snarky bets on how long it will last.
    I always feel ambivalent about married closet cases, with my sympathies usually going to the wife and kids. But there is another side of that picture. In 50ish Joe Simpson we have a guy who has probably spent his whole life feeling trapped, miserable and guilty. He came of age in a time and place where he got no support for who he really was. Even if he hasn’t publicly acknowledged himself yet, these are pictures of a man trying in his own way to claim his life.
    Good for him.

  • Drew2U

    @KittyLitter: Seriously? You don’t think there’s MORE cradle-robbing geezers going out with 19 year old models in straight land? Get a grip.

  • xzall

    Joe Simpson has responded to this on Twitter (where else). Apparently you’re all wrong in your speculation. He writes : “More mis-information in the news. The guy in the pics is my modeling Client. He was in Miami taking agency meetings. That’s it!!”

  • Josh in OR

    @Respect4all: As I think you know, we gay men are – VERY unfairly – held to a different standard than straight men. I am NOT saying I think Joe Simpson is either of those things, necessarily. Merely that our enemies WILL use this to try to hurt us. It sucks, but it’s a fact of life, and situations like this are part of what the moral moron majority use to scare uneducated idiots into voting against equality by casting us all as perverts and wierdos.

    @xzall: And the cute young thing travelling with George Rekers was just his luggage carrier. True or not, image is what matters, and the image projected is that of a closeted older man and his money-grubbing boy toy.

  • JennyFromdabloc

    They’re both hot, so what?!

  • Daniepwils

    What is wrong with being attracted to an older guy? I prefer older men. I think they are hot as h e l l. Two of my ex’s were in their 40’s when I was in my 20’s/30’s. No I was not dating them for their money. I do very well for myself and have never taken a handout. I just prefer older men

  • Cam

    @Bopper1: Said…
    “…hey guys…I really don’t get this…I’m recently out, in my 50s and have come to the conclusion that the only thing cattier, nastier and more discriminatory than the LGBT haters are the gays themselves…it’s the elephant in the room
    Ahhh, yes, another ridiculous comment. You can always spot them because they always have to give their phony credentials when they post. i.e. “As a gay man…..I’m recently out….as a lesbian etc…”
    So just to put it in perspective. What this poster is trying to say here by his post is that people on here mocking Joe Simpson for hiring a prostitute are worse than those right wing bigots who want gays arrested and are funding the “Kill” laws in Uganda.
    Do you fools really think anybody is going to buy that stuff?

  • Kangol

    I don’t understand all the nastiness. These are two consenting adults. They’re gay. They’re with each other. Why must so many people trash them?

    If you are young and don’t want to be with an older (by a year or 10 or 20) person, don’t. If you’re old and don’t want to be a younger (by a year or 10 or 20, so long as the younger person is of legal age) person, don’t.

    But let others have their happiness. It doesn’t affect you directly, does it?

  • Bopper1

    @Kangol: AMEN!

  • barkomatic

    @Josh in OR: Our enemies hate us simply because we are gay — and will make up various fabrications in order to paint us in a different light. An adult couple where one is significantly older than the other rarely interests them. Instead, they’ll find gay people who have committed crimes–especially sexual offenses–and try to paint the *entire* gay community that way.

    As long as what they are doing is legal, and it is — then I don’t think as gay men we have to adopt the values and lifestyle of an 80 year old Victorian lady so that we can look respectable.

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