Joe Simpson Reportedly Calls Gay Rumors “Ridiculous”

Despite stories to the contrary, Joe Simpson is apparently denying rumors he is gay. TMZ reports Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s dad—who is in the middle of an ugly divorce from their mom, Tina— is calling the gossip  “ridiculous.”

Earlier in the week, Perez Hilton claimed Pappa Simpson was bumping uglies with wannabe model Bryce Chandler Hill, 21, and hiring a hustler on the side. Escort Joey Anderson claims he was paid $600 for sex with Simpson, 54, who apparently was quite satisfied with his purchase.

“Over the course of two hours or so, we rolled around, kissed and gave each other oral. We’d take breathers and then start up all over again. He seemed to have an insatiable appetite for sex and never really appeared tired.”

Anderson also said he thinks this ain’t Joe’s first time at the dude ranch:

“I’m probably not the only one. After being a family man, and a religious one to boot, for all these years, I’m sure he’s out sowing his wild oats with a bunch of boys. Joe has lived a lifetime of deceit regarding his sexuality. Before the dust settles, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about a lot more guys coming forward.”

Could these rumors be true, or is Tina throwing shade at her soon-to-be-ex? Maybe it’s Joe stirring up rumors about himself now that his cash cows children are all grown and the spotlight has faded.

Or maybe it’s just some messed-up meth addict shit. Countdown till Joe enters rehab in 5, 4, 3…