Joe Simpson’s Sunbathing Buddy Is His “Client”

Joe Simpson has firmly kind of denied reports that he is romantically involved with the young man he was seen relaxing with on Miami’s posh South Beach. Photographs that surfaced Tuesday show the two men sunning themselves, Simpson sucking on a vape pen and taking snapshots of his younger companion spread out on the sand and frolicking in the surf.

The 55-year-old father of entertainers Jessica and Ashlee, sent a message from his Twitter account in an attempt to clear up any misconceived idea you might get from the pics.


This isn’t the first time gay rumors have swirled around the former minister, who recently ended his 35-year marriage to Tina, after tabloids reported he had privately come out as gay to his family. In 2012, a gay male escort shared the alleged details of his three-hour, $600 love sesh with Simpson, claiming his “insatiable appetite for sex…never really tired.”