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Joe Solmonese Might Actually Accomplish Something If He Stopped Defending Obama + Democrats


Oh. My God. Joe Solmonese? If you wouldn’t mind taking your hand off the president’s cock for one second, perhaps you could be under consideration as a gay civil rights leader. Instead, you are, at best, an O-bot. At worst, you’re actually standing in the way of true revolution.

Phoning in — literally — an interview with Michelangelo Signorile, the Human Rights Campaign chief, still reeling from reasonable criticism of his 2009-in-review memo, still has nothing to back up HRC’s never-ending demands for the gay community’s cash to further a gay rights agenda that HRC actually appears to have the least control over.

A couple recent example (among many): An immigration reform bill that does nothing for LGBTs, and a crazy-ass health reform bill that’s on the verge of knocking off off LGBT-friendly elements? Oh, and a little something called ENDA that continues to be pushed off.

The aughts may have been the most progressive for LGBT Americans, well, ever. But we need extra hands to cover our agape mouths as we listen to Mr. Solmonese wax on about HRC’s role.

In the meantime, here are HRC folks whose salaries you pay: