Joe The Plumber Stands Up McCain

John McCain got dissed hard today when Joe The Plumber failed to show up for a rally in Ohio. Watch as poor McCain calls him out and realizes his talking point didn’t make it. It’s far more embarrassing than when he accidentally called his supporters racists.

Also, McCain had to bus in 4,000 kids to make his event look youthful and dynamic. Sad.

[via HuffPo]

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  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Joe the Plumber is the BIGGEST fraud of this campaign where he tried to sabotage Barack with the Tax question. We later find out that dishonest Joe is not a Plumber, does not own a factory generating more than a quarter million (where Barack’s taxes would start to take effect) and he is an Egomaniac. Lying Joe actually benefits from Barack’s Tax Plan for relief to the 95% of Americans, was a foil for John McCain and then does a disappearing act when the questions don’t stroke his egg-head ego. Joe the Plumber is the BIGGEST fraud since WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION! Nice diss on the sinking SS McCain (Even Sarah is jumping off before they hit an Iceberg!)

    Palin-Bush Twins 2013!

  • gray hunt

    He was on O`Reilly Factor today instead…reached 4 million listeners instead of few thousand at the rally, smart move Joe, hope to see you at the McCain/Palin White House Ball in January.

  • Lost

    Karma is a bitch !!!!

    What goes around comes around.

  • Joe the Unlicensed Non-Plumber Robot

    “Hope to see you at the McCain/Palin White House Ball in January.”

    News flash: there won’t be one.

  • fredo777


  • Nitesurf

    ANOTHER Republican bails on McCain! It’s an epidemic.

  • George

    It’s like the SNL skit come to life.

    Joe really IS McCain’s imaginary friend.


    He did show up in a later event, but what the hell! most of you drones don’t know the meaning of work, taking care of your family etc. So you think that all of Middle America has as much time in their hands as the elitists and welfare queens.

  • SuperCat

    Omg? There is a real Joe the Plumber? I thought he was just a metaphor for the average working American.

  • rayrayj

    I don’t know about the drones but I do like to believe that most of the readers of this blog are informed enough to know that “the elitists” and “the welfare queens” are emotionally laden terms that have significant marketing power, but there is very little empirical support for the concept as a meaningful social construct. In other words there are people who abuse the welfare system. They tend to be white (like me) and they are far outnumbered by legitimate users of the system and very hardworking parents who need assistance but don’t qualify because working minimum wage, even with children, they make too much money. I assume elitist just means well educated…


    ^ You assume wrong elitists means> condescending snobs who like to look down at people who don’t inhabit any of the big cities in the north east or in the west coast and love to call anyone who doesn’t agrees with their political philosophy hicks, rednecks, racists and bible thumpers and bitter gun toters.

    Just look at the definition(of elitist) in any dictionary and you’ll find a picture of Barack beside it.

  • Maverick69

    Churchill-y, honey, that would be a picture of Cindy McCain. Maybe if you got laid a little more often you would not be such a Bitch-Chilly

  • SlowMo

    Dream On Gray Hunt….Dream On……..

  • BobP

    Joe the Liar is more like it. These republicans just slay me.Are they getting stupider by the minute otr what? Keep it coming people!

  • Mr C

    Thanks Maverick,

    She is just a disgruntled white queen who is mad and believes she is entitled to a FANTABULOUS life without working for it.

    So she’s mad at minorities who do work hard and achieve!


  • rayrayj

    Sorry Churchilly, I come from a long line of Southern Hicks and rednecks, and my family (including my Proud Southern Redneck parents, both in their 70’s and having voted Republican in the past)support and have already voted for Obama. So your unfounded ravings once again lack any support.

  • Psychofag

    He´s hot…and I suspect he´s a submissive bottom

  • Mr C

    She’s a MESS!

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