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  • Dave

    Obviously it didn’t grant him the special powers we Original-Non-Immigrant-Americans have (because you know this isn’t a nation of immigrants or anything)…Or else he would have shoved all off Elle’s accessories up Olivia’s ass and fired her a long time ago for being worthless.

  • merkin

    ugh, i had the displeasure of working with Zee a number of years ago–and he certainly doesnt have any special skills or assets that would warrant gaining citizenship. He’s basically a rude, talentless ass who b.s.’s his way into sounding like he knows what he’s doing. Which is, now that I think about it, a vital skill in the fashion/media world.

  • gina

    Good for him for becoming a citizen if that’s what he wants but, honestly, under his watch, Elle Magazine has become the crappiest fashion rag in the country. It’s virtually unreadable, the magazine’s design, layout and graphics are terrible and the quality of fashion is way worse than it was when Nina Garcia was there.

  • Dave

    @Gina: So true. Nina turned Marie Claire around. Zee is full of zee crap and can’t stand his face time when he is one the City. He is too aware that there is filming going on and is very fake.

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