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Joe Zee’s All On The Line Is Tabatha’s Salon Takeover For Fashion Designers

Fashion line in trouble? Call in the Canadian expert! While shows like Project Runway try to help launch the careers of designers, Joe Zee’s upcoming reality show All On The Line will try to keep designers’ careers alive. Because if it wasn’t clear by now, homosexuals are damn good at fixing your problems. At least on television.

Premiering this spring on the Sundance Channel — which, you might’ve heard, is trying to out-gay LOGOAll On The Line will feature the Elle magazine creative director and former The City reality star running around the country lending advice to the non-Lagerfelds of America on how they can rescue their businesses. Sound familiar?

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It should, if only because gays have been running around the country saving Americans from themselves (on television) for years. Whether it’s Bob and Jillian reshaping the heavies The Biggest Loser; Jackie Warner slimming down the overly tanned on Work Out (and now Thintervention); Tabatha Coffey shaping up hair gurus on Tabatha’s Salon Takeover; and soon Carson Kressley picking up where Queer Eye left off with Carsonation (where he’ll dish out feel good advice to Middle America’s women), the gays have owned this space on reality television.

When in doubt, or crisis, send in a more skilled gay.

Like all shows in this space, there’s something rewarding seeing a member of our own swoop in and, in the course of 45 minutes of airtime, save someone from themselves. Yeah, it’s definitely time for actual gay superheroes.

[All On The Line’s Facebook page]

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