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Joey Fatone Comes Out In The “Big Fat Greek Wedding” Sequel


In the biggest news for bear fans this week, former N*SYNC heartthrob (and current beefy daddy-type) Joey Fatone is coming out in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.

Fatone has been keeping busy with various TV hosting gigs since the first flick was released in 2002, and was happy to return as Angelo and to grab a meatier storyline this time around. In an interview with WENN, he said:

“It was quite an honor for Nia to give me something like that, because not many people see the non-comedy side of me and to have to deliver something like that – telling your parents you are gay – it’s a tough thing.

It was an exciting thing to do and it’s from life experience – one of my best friends, him coming out… It’s a hard situation because you don’t know what your parents are gonna say or do and you don’t want to be rejected. So how do you deal with that?”

Writer Nia Vardalos was happy that Fatone had no qualms whatsoever about playing a gay character, and she came up with the storyline as a tribute to her friends who’ve come out to her since the original flick was released:

“When my cousins came out, the love that came at them was so intense and unconditional that I thought, ‘This is my chance to put a little message in of acceptance’. It’s a way of showing my family is your family, isn’t it time that we just have a moment that is treated with a shrug and a smile?”

The original Big Fat Greek Wedding is one of our guiltier pleasures, so we’re definitely happy that Ms. Vardalos decided to include a message about acceptance in this sequel. We’re also sure that Fatone fiends (we just coined that and you’re welcome) will be first in line!