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John Amaechi: Gays Are Harmed By The Same Ill-Fitting Stereotypes As Blacks

“If I took my understanding of what it was to be gay in popular culture in America, and in Britain, basically, then I just wouldn’t fit,” says John Amaechi. “Because there are no gay people that look like this. I would have to change everything. … And the same with being black: We need to get past the point where being black and a male means I am likely to mug you for your wallet, a -15 on my IQ, likely to not go to college, and likely to wear my pants below my ass.” [via Big Think]

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  • Chris

    He is so reasonable!

  • Ran

    Yes, I agree.

  • Kieran

    He’s right.

  • Hotone2me

    Finally… I have heard someone else express what I have been saying for a while!!! You go my man!! Well done!! ( I couldn’t agree more).

  • ewe

    Before i even watched this my first reaction to the headline was “go tell that to all the ignorant african american evangelicals”. PS: I do not fear black men and i do not think black men are thugs that are out to steal from me so i expect evangelicals to open up their ugly minds as well. I also know plenty of gay men that do not fit the picture of a stereotypical gay twink. People who talk like that either do not know any or do not know enough gay people.

  • Chitown Kev

    What Amaechi says is so true.

    The fundie bigot playbook has NEVER changed.

    One example: I was reading some book or another about the struggle for racial integration of the military and some of the bigots in the military and in the Roosevelt/Truman Administrations actually carted out the “blacks are more prone to veneral diseases” excuse at that time.

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