John Amaechi’s Gay Bald Head Shines On Through

John Amaechi’s made quite a name for himself since coming out. Not only has signed with HRC, but he’s been tapped as HeadBlade’s new spokesperson. The chrome domed former b-baller will appear in adverts with the tag-line, “Against The Grain”: a not-so-subtle reference to his faggotry.

Mike Wilke of Commercial Closet describes Amaechi’s new gig as a “turning point”. He goes on to say, “Society, and sports fans, are becoming more used to gays and advertising is growing more comfortable with gays.” And, it seems, companies are growing less tolerant of homo-haters: Tim Hardaway – another former NBA player who made headlines after confessing, “I hate gay people” – has subsequently been dropped from another bald-headed product line: Bald Guyz. Of Hardaway’s firing, Bald Guyz chief executive Howard Brauner insisted

Bald Guyz, like baldness, does not discriminate based on lifestyle choice, color, education, financial resources, religion, physical capabilities or any other way.

Too bad for Hardaway, huh?