John Barrowman flashes butt in Palm Springs: “Can you see the moon?”

John Barrowman in Palm Springs
(Photo: @johnscotbarrowman | Instagram)

Actor John Barrowman, 53, is known for his candid Instagram postings. Remember the time he went commando in Washington DC? Or accidentally filmed his naked husband on Facebook Live?

He was up to his antics again this week. On Instagram, he showed himself rollerskating in Palm Springs, where he has a home.

“The view behind me…. roller skating in Palm Springs. Can you see the moon?” said his caption, seemingly innocently.

Viewers may have then been surprised to see the moon he was referencing.

After a flash of his butt, he lets out an endearing, schoolboy-ish laugh at his own naughtiness.

Barrowman, a prolific Instagram user, posted videos earlier this week to mark the 14th wedding anniversary of his marriage to husband, Scott Gill. The two men met in 1993, and have been together 27 years (they had a civil partnership in 2006 and married in 2013).

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Barrowman’s also been teasing fans with images of himself as Captain Jack Harkness. The character is due to return to TV screens today in a special, new episode of the BBC’s Doctor Who sci-fi show, entitled ‘Revolution of the Daleks.’

Last night, Barrowman posted another Instagram to bid goodbye to 2020 in a way most of us will empathize with.