No, Literally...

John Barrowman Kisses and Tells

John Barrowman sure does have loose lips.

Yesterday, we reported that the Torchwood star recently told Out he’s into leather. Now, the Out-backed Popnography has leaked a few steamy details excised from the published interview. Here’s a taste:

Alexis Denisof is a very good kisser. Also a very good kisser at the moment is James Marsters. But — I shouldn’t have revealed that to you. Can I give you another? [Out Ed. note: The loose-lipped Marsters, who will appear on the second season of Torchwood, recently told fans that Barrowman was a better kisser than Sarah Michelle Gellar.] I did A Few Good Men [in London theater] with Rob Lowe. I didn’t kiss him but I would have liked to. He knows I’d like to kiss him.

Barrowman also wants to screw Wentworth Miller (who wouldn’t?) and thinks British boys are better kissers than Americans.

We’d like to prove you wrong, Barrowman…