poor timing

John Berry Just Got Done Challenging America on Civil Rights. Then Obama Bitchslapped Us


A note about timing: President Obama’s Department of Justice pro-DOMA filing in federal court yesterday came just after Office of Personnel Management director John Berry — who is openly gay, which the White House regularly trumpets when accused of being anti-gay — gave a speech at the DOJ’s Gay Pride celebration, something the Bush administration nixed for most of its years. He called on his audience to consider where it stands on gay rights, particularly letting gay people serve openly in the military, noting “with the help of a president who supports our cause, the aid of courageous fellow countrymen and women who love liberty, and with God’s grace, we shall prevail.” It was a significant charge, coming from the United States’ highest ranking openly gay official.

Attorney General Eric Holder followed up at the event by noting “neither the frustrations of the past, nor the challenges of the future should deter us from our goal — our responsibility — to continue our efforts to ensure the full spectrum of equal rights to LGBT Americans.”

Hours later, Holder’s minions at the DOJ included incest in its argument against same-sex marriage.

Among the three DOJ attorneys responsible for that filing? President George W. Bush holdover W. Scott Simpson, a Mormon who received a commendation from then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales for Simpson’s defense of the Partial Birth Abortion Act. Give this man another award!