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John Berry’s No Good, Very Bad Answer About That Lesbian’s Health Benefits

Oh, hi John Berry! We know you are so, so tired of being the go-to gay in the Obama administration, but you just happen to be the most senior out gay staffer who also happens to oversee the livelihoods of more than a million federal employees. Some of whom are homosexual! So, like, could you please take a moment to explain why your boss is trampling all over that lesbian couple’s attempt to share health benefits? Thanks!

Explains Berry — who came on to the job after the White House made the call to defy a court’s order and deny Karen Golinski’s shared health benefits — at the Victory Fund’s Gay and Lesbian Leadership Institute: Yeaaaah, that’s unfortunate, but hey look over here, as I distract you with a hope and prayer for Rep. Tammy Baldwin’s Domestic Partnership Benefits & Obligations Act!

You see, it’s easy to continue defending discrimination when you point to some point in the future where there will be rainbows and daisies all around.