John Boehner: ENDA Not Necessary, “Ample Laws Already In Place”

Some members of the gay community are holding President Obama to the fire for not signing an executive order protecting LGBT government contractors, but for a taste of what we’d face with a Republican administration, check out what House Speaker John Boehner told the Washington Blade’s Chris Johnson about a comprehensive Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA):

 Asked whether passage of ENDA might alleviate the 8.2 percent unemployment rate if employers were barred from firing LGBT workers, Boehner said “ample laws” are in place and deferred further comment to the House Committee on Education & the Workforce. The committee didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

“No one should face discrimination in the workforce,” Boehner said. “There are ample laws already in place to deal with this. Having been the chairman of the Education & Workforce Committee, I’m quite familiar with employment law. But if there are further changes that are necessary, I’m sure the committee will look at it.”

That’s about the best we can hope for from the GOP. We don’t know about you but we’ve got Election Day circiled in red on our calendar.

Source Washington Blade via Towleroad. Photo: U.S. House of Representatives

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  • Danny

    It means under federal law you can lawfully fire fundamentalist christians, etc. for their sexual orientation to bypass the law against firing them based on religion. Great big loophole for getting rid of people you dislike based on religion, race, ethnicity, etc. Not surprising this corrupt leader supports keeping that loophole.

    It’s just like the anti-bullying laws they keep blocking because it covers sexual orientation. Most victims of bullying based on sexual orientation are straight kids bullied for being perceived as gay. Not surprising corrupt politicians don’t want those kids protected. Many heterosexuals hatred of gay people is only surpassed by their hatred of other heterosexuals. It is disturbing.

  • Shannon1981

    @Danny: Anyone with that level of hatred held inside needs serious psychiatric help.

    As for Boehner…a lunatic.

  • 1equalityUSA

    We could also oppose John Boehner’s lap-dog appointment of NOMster, Robert P. George to the international Religious Freedom commission by clicking link below, signing up on the White House website, return to your email box, and sign the petition to end this NOMster’s appointment to spread gay hatred worldwide. We need 25,000 before April 27th. Last time I looked, we had less than a 1000 sigs (pathetic). Robert P. George is really not nice. The brain behind NOM wants to now spread his brand of christianity worldwide. STOP this wad. Sign before April 27th.
    Apr 13, 2012 at 5:09 pm · @Reply

  • Aaron

    Which is why my money will be spent supporting Get Equal and their effort to start protesting at Obama Offices to sign an executive order!!!

  • Robert in NYC

    The fact that gays vote for that party proves how insane they are. The Democrats are far from perfect, granted, but what will President Romney do for us if elected? Women too are on his shit-list.

  • Luke

    …in Indiana you don’t have to have a reason to fire someone. You walk in and let them know they’ve been fired. Unless you have a very specific, easily proven case of bias the laws on that don’t really matter as we’re an at-will state. My contract has a statement reading “this position may be terminated at any time by either party.” So it’s only a figment of progress anyway.

  • DartagnonP

    I look at Boehner’s re-touched picture from when he was 20 years younger and wonder why he is trying to look so young and hunky. Explains a lot about his homophobic jaunts from time to time. It would be interesting to see what kind of a double-life Boehner has going for himself! Anyone check out his Paige?

  • Macmantoo

    If you want to see a “shitstorm” let a gay manager or owner fire people for being straight. If there is no law in many states where sexual orientation is not protected, then it can work both ways. It would be interesting for it to happen. I should have thought about that when I was manager, fire all the straights and hire only gays.

  • Peter the Piolet

    @Luke: What your talking about is the doctrine of “at will employment”, which means someone can fire you for any reason. This has been around since the founding of the country and exists in every state. It has nothing to do with discrimination, but rather ensuring that businesses can operate freely. The ONLY exception to the rule is that you cannot fire someone because of their gender, race, religion, color, national origin, age, disability status, or military status.

    Sorry for the clarification, but at-will employment is extremely necessary to ensure that the economy runs smoothly. The intent of the doctrine never was to allow for discrimination, which is why protections have been added in over the years.

  • jingles

    @Luke: To add to Peter the Piolet’s comment – if I’m understanding correctly ENDA would also prevent employers from refusing to hire or promote someone because of their sexual orientation. It’s not just about being fired.

  • dave

    god damn fucking nazi

  • cam

    Fine Boehner. Then Tax cuts for the Wealthy and subsidies for oil companies aren’t necessary. They already have plenty of money.

    Can’t say one without agreeing with the other douche.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Boehner has gay face. It’s no wonder he is so vehemently against us—Latent.

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