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John Boehner Has Literally No Clue How Much Taxpayers Will Spend Defending DOMA

House Speaker John Boehner on Wednesday proposed some $39 billion in federal spending cuts for this year alone. Democrats mulled over the offer, and some compromise may or may not be reached to keep the government from shutting down. But for a man so concerned with trimming the fat, Boehner also has literally no idea how much it’s going to cost to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court, which his House cronies decided to do last month. “I do not have an estimate,” Boehner told reporters yesterday. But cost isn’t the issue!

“[W]e were placed in a position where we were in effect allowing the administration to determine the constitutionality of a bill that passed the United States Congress because they were unwilling to defend it,” he continued. “I don’t think the House had any choice but to take the position that we were going to defend the work that the Congress — and only the courts are in the position of determining the constitutionality of any bill.”

So maybe Boehner will save taxpayers just slightly less than $39 billion.