John Browne’s Boy Toy Speaks Out

Disgraced British Petroleum bigwig Lord John Browne may not have read The Mail on Sunday, but rest assured millions of people drooled over the details of his relationship with a former escort, Jeff Chevalier.

Considering that Chevalier’s interview with The Mail led to Browne’s outing and subsequent resignation, one would expect an explosive regaling of the men’s sexual exploits, perhaps a bit of drug use and oodles of scandal. Instead all we get is a bit of name dropping. Conrad Black, Tony Blair, Hugh Grant – they’re all there and just as bland as you can imagine. In fact, the only truly interesting bit from this sensationally overblown interview comes at the end, when Chevalier explains the emotional tension that led his breakup with Browne:

I was open to a lifestyle that people could only imagine about. It was all new to me and for the first few years a novelty. But after a while it became almost unbearable.

Billionaires remembered me, but I did not remember them. The anxiety grew from not remembering these notables who knew me but whom I did not remember.

Ultimately I experienced panic attacks from the thought of not knowing to whom I was speaking. John could not understand why his world was so difficult for me.

I lost all ability to function as John Browne’s partner. He did not understand my anxieties and I had no ability to understand his concerns. We were worlds apart and we both grew to realize this.

The distance grew too wide and the men parted ways, sending Chevalier back to his penniless life, while Browne would continue reveling in his riches. That is, of course, until Chevalier sat down for this interview – a conversation given far more weight than it deserves. Talk about a bummer…