John Katehis Found Guilty For Craigslist Murder Of WABC Reporter George Weber

When he was 16, now 19-year-old John Katehis duct taped the ankles of WABC Radio Reporter George Weber and “accidentally” stabbed him 50 times in the neck and body. In court, Katehis’ lawyers claimed self-defense by saying that Weber preyed on the underage, money-desperate boy via Craigslist, plied him with alcohol and cocaine and eventually pulled a knife to force Katehis to have sadomasochistic sex. But a judge doubted Katehis’ story and charged the young Satanist with second-degree murder—he now faces 25 years to life. Worst Craiglist hook-up ever.

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  • scott ny'er


  • DJ Veno

    How the hell do you accidentally stab someone 50 times?? Smh

  • ChrisC

    Once again, Daniel, you’ve showed us how you cannot tell the difference between snarky and insensitive. Nice.

  • phallus

    Strange to think the judge gave him 2nd degree… Sounds like premediated to me. Anyone who answers Craigslist ads and then offs their hookup has planned it. Then again if Weber were alive and caught, would that have been pedophilia?

  • karma

    The insanity plea would have worked better than self defense. He will get plenty of ‘sadomasochistic sex’ where he is going.

  • karma

    We don’t know if Weber knew he was underage.

  • karma


    We don’t know if Weber knew he was underage.

  • Charley

    Judges don’t charge people with crimes, at least not in this country. Prosecutors do.

  • Cinesnatch

    @phallus: Yes, according to New York Age of Consent laws it would have been pedophilia.

    @karma: It doesn’t matter what Weber “thought.” He was breaking the law. According to your logic, his defense would have been, “Officer, I didn’t know he was 16.” That’s not a defense for a 47-year-old.

  • christopher di spirito

    25 years to life for a crime of murder committed by a 16-year old?

    I don’t believe it. It will be a miracle if he serves 10 years and is released.

  • Hyhybt

    If you are going to use either self-defense or accident as a defense against a murder charge, don’t stab the victim 50 times.

  • David

    Shame that he stabbed him when they were both acting dodgy. He’s cute in that pic, prison’s gonna be hell.

  • Ogre Magi

    That is one scary SOB

  • Rafe

    @christopher di spirito:

    Has there been a psych eval on the guy? If he’s deemed mentally ill he could be locked away permanently with a civil commitment.

  • A note on sentences

    @christopher di spirito: The minimum sentence he can get is 15 to life and the max is 25 to life. He can get any number between 15 and 25 to life. After serving the first number he is eligible for parole, but he has to get the approval of our parole board. He could serve life, but it’s unlikely. These are indeterminate sentences meaning they do not have a known release date.

    With a determinate sentence, the inmate has a known release date and gets out at that date. In New York, an inmate can get out before the release date of a determinate sentence if he or she has served six sevenths of the time and has behaved.

  • Henry

    He should get the death penalty. 50 stabs? He’s a fucking lunatic.

  • ewe

    He deserves a medal for standing up for himself. He’s no victim.

  • ewe

    It’s November 16, 2011. When is the Obummer going to evolve?

  • slanty

    He LOOKS crazy enough to stab someone 50 times. Speaking of lunacy, who clicked the lol button to this story of murder?

  • shannon


  • iDavid

    The math is pretty str8 up for this pretty street freak psycho……multiple prisoners = one butthurt wacko.

  • Jase

    @Cinesnatch: Um, no, pedophilia is not a legal term, it is a medical term (which denotes attractioin to PREPUBESCENT children, hense a 16 year old would not be pedophilia). It would be statutory rape, NOT pedophilia. Let’s try to know what words mean before we use them, eh?

  • Cinesnatch

    @Jase: Thanks for the correction.

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