John Legend’s dad bod, Blake Skjellerup’s fetish drag, & Rodiney Santiago’s Dead Sea dip

This week Boy George dragged George Michael on Twitter, Cher absolutely destroyed a bitch who tried it, and the very first trailer for The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story dropped to mixed reactions. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Gregg Sulkin jumped in the pool.

Who said man can't walk on water?

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John Legend explored Isola Molara.

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Simon Dunn required an ice pack.

How my post rugby Sundays are spent. Ice packs, Netflix (no chill) and recovery thanks to @teamleanactive

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Brazilian model Vitor Castro took his dog to the beach.


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Rodiney Santiago took a dip in the Dead Sea.

Amazing experience #????

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Ryan Phillippe made a boot look good.

the bionic man

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Jason Landau took his kids in the pool.

my boys. Thanks to @joeygonzalez & @chefjonrollo for the hospitality. Sorry my kid pooped on your couch. #SendMeTheCleaningBill.

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Colton Haynes’ fiancee Jeff Leatham kissed a giraffe.

Wilson Cruz remembered Burning Man.

Derrick Gordon sat by the fire.

Beyond grateful for the amazing things and people who have came into my life ?

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Luke Evans soaked up the sun.

Happy Saturday people! #weekend #summer

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Max Emerson and Andres Camilo destroyed their hotel room.

In only twelve hours, the mayor of #cincinnati has officially declared our hotel room a #disaster area.

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David McIntosh plugged his new show, Bromans.

Eliad Cohen took a deep breath.

Breath.. Just breath ?

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Mehcad Brooks hung out on the playa.

• Burning 1. To be possessed by a desire or an emotion. 2. very keenly or deeply felt • Man 1. A human being of either sex; a person. 2. Human beings in general; the human race, human species, humankind, humanity, human beings, humans, people, mankind "the evolution of man" an individual; one. #Burningman is defined differently by all who have had the pleasure of observing it and participating in it's well of diversity, radical self expression and radical self reliance. But one common thread carries through every definition. Self discovery. And this radical self discovery is often overlooked in the societal structure we've involved ourselves in daily. We compete for the sake of competition rather than attempting to improve ourselves and extend the limits of what we thought we were initially capable of or what we think is possible in achievement. We look at each other as different races, cultures, religions, classes, sexes and any other categories we can find to further the sociological divide that descends us into tribalism. But frankly one thing becomes apparent to all #burners — we got that part wrong. We are one species. One religion. One class. One gender. One tribe. One infinitely large organism burning to express ourselves in an unending array of awareness, love and inclusion. Keep the dust on your boots and bring it back to those who need it. Keep the feathers in your hair and the beads on your neck. For one day the world will know love. #morelove #kinggypsy

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Prince Charming took a shower.

Bubbles darling! Tag a friend that likes bubbles as well! ???

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Ronnie Woo drank on a boat.

When drinks go in, secrets come out… Happy Labor Day! ?

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Blake Skjellerup dressed like Ariana Grande.

Can I be Ariana everyday? #Ariana

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Milan Christopher showed off his filthy mirror.

Thirsty Thursdays | #MilanChristopher

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Bryce Eilenberg channeled David Beckham.

#tbt to the picture that got me on drag race. In 2014 I got dumped after being in a relationship for 7 years so I pretty much said "fuck it I'll do whatever I want" and decided, among other things, to be an underwear model and a photographer. So I copied a David Beckham underwear ad from Emporio Armani by ordering the same pair of underwear from Amazon, using my first camera on a timer on a crappy tripod, a lamp from my room for lighting, and some spray on sunscreen for that extra shine. Then I put the picture up on modelmayhem and got an email from drag race a few weeks later. Now I've been on the show for multiple seasons and I've developed my photography skills to the point where I can have fun shooting just about anything. . . #pitcrew #rpdr #dragcon2017 #dragconnyc #rpdr7 #rpdr8 #rpdr9 #rpdras2 #ohpitcrew #davidbeckham #emporioarmani

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Cameron Dallas scratched his head.

? @justinrcampbell @tingslondon

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Chris Hemsworth landed the cover of W magazine.

I call this one "sore head oops forgot to do my shirt up" look #56 from the archives, vintage hemsworth. Thanks @wmag ?

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Titanius Maximus worked from home.

Just a boy with ambition ?

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Tyson Beckford celebrated Sexy Saturday.

Sexy Saturday… #teamtyson #tysonbeckford #beardgang #vegas

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Ashton Sanders popped a squat.

Photography By Byron Spencer

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And Drake Bell walked the beach.

Second day of my Honest music video shoot! Check out the new Honest EP! Link in bio!!!

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