John Lithgow Hopes His New Film Leads To More Acceptance Of LGBT People

John-Lithgow-090811-1-402Everybody is related to some gay person. Everybody has a gay person who’s a good friend and a lot of people don’t even realize it because, culturally, it’s a covert thing. And that’s wrong. Nobody in society should have to hide who they are, or feel like they’re second class citizens in any way. It makes me feel good that if this film is seen by a lot of people and is successful, it will nudge those people in the direction of acceptance. There’s nothing wrong with accepting people’s homosexuality. It doesn’t do any damage. All it does is treat people with more respect than they’ve culturally been accustomed to.” 

— Renowned actor John Lithgow during an interview about his gay-themed drama Love Is Strange, which premiered at Sundance to much acclaim