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John McCain Admits He Was Never a ‘Maverick’

Despite telling voters that he was, in fact, a maverick, Sen. John McCain now insists “I never considered myself a maverick. I consider myself a person who serves the people of Arizona to the best of his abilities.” The assertion is laughable, but hey, at least he and Sen. Joe Biden now agree on what superlatives don’t apply.

But let nobody ever say John McCain isn’t maverick-y when it comes to leading the effort in using the opinions of the dead and the unwilling to mount his support for Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

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  • Lanjier

    What a douchebag that guy is. A war hero who approves of dumping gay vets on the street. He learned nothing at the Hanoi Hilton. Maybe he should have another tour. It could teach him what honoring your countrymen is all about.

  • Cam

    Wow, how interesting he says he was never a “MAverick” Funny that Sara Palin would refer to both of them as “MAvericks” up to 6 times in her campaign stump speech…oh, and what about this McCain Campaign ad…that the recording at the end says he approved.

    So if he was never a Maverick, is he admitting that he is a liar? Because he has sure called himself that for years now.

  • Ian

    He’s pathetic as is his opponent for the republican primary J.D. Hayworth who was formerly described as one of the dimmest bulbs in congress. For Arizona it’s lose-lose whoever goes to the Senate.

  • Giovannidude

    John McCain is also widely hated in the conservative community too, one reason being he was in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens (contrary to the expressed wishes of the people of Arizona). So much for his acting in favor of them.

    John McCain was also against the Bush Tax Cuts before he was in favor of them.

    A conservative friend called me up the morning after the election, and said, “I have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that Obama won. The good news is that John McCain lost.”

    I think we know where John McCain stands on all gay issues, including the repeal of DADT.

    When liberals and conservatives can agree on something, like John McCain is a slippery politician and a pathetic joke, maybe they’re on to something.

  • Cam

    @ No. 4 · Giovannidude

    You absolutly nailed it, when BOTH parties agree that somebody is a liar, it’s pretty much over.

    Some more on McCain…the ultimate spoiled daddy’s boy. He often jokes about how he holds the record for the most demerits racked up while he was at the Naval Academy and the fact that he graduated 3rd from the bottom. Well…

    The reason nobody has ever racked up more demerits than him is because his father and grandfather were both admirals, anybody else would have been kicked out before reaching that number of demerits.

    IF his father wasn’t an admiral, there is no way he would have gotten into flight school with scores that low coming out of the Academy.

    How does somebody who has crashed several planes already get to fly planes in Viet-Nam, and not have to serve on the ground? Oh, thats right, Daddy and grandpa were both admirals.

    McCain would always claim that he never wanted to talk about being a POW or use his history in the war for gain or attention…I guess that is why he wrote a long Magazine article about being a POW when he returned and would comment to reporters in AZ when he first ran for congress that the longest he’d ever lived in one place was in Hanoi.

    When McCain addmitted that even though he was head of the Senate Commerce Committe DURING the internet bubble, he had never learned to use the internet…his staff then claimed that “Oh, since he was a prisoner of war his injuries prevent him from signing on”. A phony excuse since his injuries prevent him from lifting his arms much above his shoulders…so unless his desk is 7 feet tall sounds like just another lie from somebody who was too lazy to bother finding out anything about the most important issue to happen to commerce in the last 300 years.

    And the list goes on.

  • Giovannidude

    It’s a good thing that John McCain doesn’t have his finger on the nuclear trigger, because he is thinskinned, erratic, and has an explosive temper once he is off camera. He is so bad that reporters covering him during the New Hampshire primary, where he called his bus “The Straight Talk Express”, nicknamed his bus “The Straight Jacket Express”.

    Maybe it was no coincidence that he sang a new rendition of the Beach Boys’ “Barbara Ann” at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire: “bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb Iran…”

    John McCain, who apart from the military and a couple of weeks’ worth of PR duty for his second wife’s beer distributorship, has never worked a day in his life. He’s not exactly in touch with the kitchen table issues of the average American. He’s a professional politician. When John McCain’s first wife became disfigured after a car crash, he dumped her for a nice-looking, wealthier second wife.

    I have no love for John Kerry, who I think is an elitist windbag and a money-seeking gigolo. But when John McCain slammed him for that, wasn’t it a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

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