John McCain Helped Hide Wife’s Addiction, Says Source.

It’s a well-documented fact that Cindy McCain once abused prescription drugs. In fact, it was Mrs. McCain’s husband, Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain, who helped break the story back in 1994.

And, according to Senator McCain, he had only recently learned about his wife’s addiction. A man by the name of Tom Gosinski suggests otherwise.

Gosinski claim that Mrs. McCain used a health charity, for which he worked, to obtain her drugs, a habit of which Senator McCain knew and attempted to conceal.

On Wednesday, Gosinski sat down with RAW STORY and other outlets to tell his story and distribute copies of his personal journal from his time with the American Voluntary Medical Team in the last half of 1992, where he voiced ever more acute concerns and frustrations over McCain’s drug use and its impact on her mood and job performance.

“My journal wasn’t to trash Cindy or anything,” he says. “My journal was kept because I came in contact with so many people. It was a way of keeping an ongoing biography of all the people I met, so I could refer back to it.”

He says he can’t buy the official McCain camp line that Cindy’s drug abuse was kept from her husband, he saw and heard too much for any of their stories to make sense — like the time Cindy was allegedly taken to the hospital after an overdose and John rushed in to berate the doctors and nurses there before moving Cindy to their secluded Sedona ranch. Then there were the Hensley family interventions and the fact that Cindy’s drug abuse came to be something of an open secret among employees of the charity.

“I have always wondered why John McCain has done nothing to fix the problem,” Gosinski wrote on July 27, 1992. “He must either not see that a problem exists or does not choose to do anything about it.”

Less than a month later, Gosinski was clearer about McCain’s knowledge of his wife’s problem: “John McCain has known about it for some time,” he wrote on Aug. 14.

Gosinski’s journals go on to describe Cindy McCain as a “lonely” women in a “marriage of convenience.” He also speculates that Mrs. McCain gave daughter Meghan prescription drugs to calm her down, a wild accusation and one that’s ultimately unverifiable, as are most of his claims.

When asked whether he think Mrs. McCain’s clean up her act, Gosinski expressed some doubt, which could explain her distracted, glassy-eyed – yet totally awesome – speech last week.