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John McCain Is Glad The Navy Canned Capt. Owen Honors’ Homophobic Ass


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NB: Speaking to Matt Lauer this morning, the senator says his advice for the incoming class of lawmakers is to “go home as much as you can.”

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  • justiceontherocks

    Well, this pretty much proves that the navy made the wrong decision.

  • Daez

    @justiceontherocks: Dear Ole’ Johnny is just happy because this will garner homophobia in our communities and Honors will probably end up having a reality show or as a host on FOX “News.”

  • Cam

    McCain is starting to smart under the fact that the press…which he loves so much has turned on him so he is trying to somewhat rehabilitate, it’s a fools errand, he still thinks that people don’t remember what somebody says or does a month later.

    As for going home as much as you can…yeah, this from a man who spent so little time with his wife that even hugh Hefner would tell him to stay home once in a while.

  • Jeffree

    To keep his mind up to date, McCaine’s aides probably have to write out for him, on a daily basis, what his positions are on the key issues. I don’t think anyone could keep track of his back & forth opinions without GPS, three maps and an index.

    @Cam: lol, what makes you think Mrs. McCain *wants* him to come home?!

  • GetBalance

    I was unaware androids could gush so well.
    On a more pertinent note, to think McCain is in image recovery looks fesible from the vid, but to think he dislikes homophobia is stretching it, even as a political move. Honors is/was becoming a world wide punchline issue aimed at “behavior unbecoming of etc,” so his upper echelon demise was in charactor with the offense, which McCain, and rightly so, agreed. Was his comment at all because he suddenly got a teardrop for the gay agenda? Did Anita Bryant come out of alchoholic hiding in a rainbow dress?

  • dvlaries

    Lauer’s got no room to feel superior himself. When he had a primetime hour and a chance to unmask Larry Craig, he failed.

    Lauer is less to journalism than McCain is to politics.

  • John

    @justiceontherocks: Although I personally believe that once again McCain is wrong, I do appreciate great snark like this! Bravo Zulu!

  • randy

    I think McCain supports the decision in regardless of Honor’s tasteless gay jokes, not because of them.

    thats a big difference.

  • christopher di spirito

    The Old Coot is tired and angry, his generation is dying off and his Vietnam war myth no longer gets him the best table at the Palm in Washington DC.

    He needs to go back to Phoenix and spend Cindy’s beer fortune on golf fees and hookers.

  • Ari

    That’s wierd, I just watched that here in Australia… we got something within a day of it being shown in America? I retract (some of) my criticisms of Channel 7. Impressive

  • Mack Robertson

    McCain, regardless of what he does or how he tries, will never be able to repair his homophobic image. His name is now infamous in the history of the GLBTQ movement for equality and justice.

  • codyj

    yup, he should go back to AZ, its safe there, he has a note on his bathroom mirror, that he looks at every morning upon arising….it says (my name is….)lol.

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