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John McCain Is Ready to Be All Maverick-y Again

No really, it’s true! I read it on the internet, right next to the kittiez videoz. “Friends and colleagues say they have noticed a marked change in the 74-year-old Arizona Senator,” reports Time. “His steady march to the right, which began during his presidential campaign and ended with his re-election to a fifth Senate term last year, has halted.” He’s doing things like conversating with Barack and saying nice things about dead Americans killed by crazy Americans. “It appears Mac is back on track to be a player of significance and importance on the center stage of American politics,” says old pal and former minion Mark McKinnon. “The lion in winter is starting to roar.” And nothing says maverick like admitting defeat and falling into line when you’ve run out of options.

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  • Cam

    Gee, a former paid staffer who still flacks for him is saying all this….um…that wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that this guy’s fortunes are tied to McCain’s now would it?

  • justiceontherocks

    He figured out how irrelevant he is. he’s always been a hateful, mean-spirited third rate con man (the Keating Five) and now everyone sees him for what he is.

    The Republicans probably wish he would go away.

  • TominDC

    Conversating? Really?

  • David

    The foul bigot!

  • greenmanTN

    He violated every principle he’d ever supposedly had to get reelected then instead of being seen as a principled, heroic warrior defending the military from DADT repeal his grandstanding came across more as “crazy old coot wants kids off his lawn.” The people who used to respect him don’t any longer and his new pals don’t trust him, so now he’s trying to make nice. Forget it, gramps, your legacy is what you made it.

    That’s on top of giving America Sarah Palin, which is about on par with giving someone the clap except she’s harder to get rid of.

  • Casey

    I love John McCain and voted for him!

  • Soupy

    Casey, you’re hilarious! Best joke of the night.

  • NY152

    He’s sort of like the Pope….we’re all waiting for him to leave his throne! Only then can he join the other rats in the sewers!

  • Cam

    @Casey: said..

    I love John McCain and voted for him!


    Yeah right, even the GOP didn’t like him, he barely came through the primary and would have lost to Romney if Hucabee hadn’t run and vice versa. And very high profile republicans had a website up called “Hold your nose and vote” encouraging republicans to vote for McCain even though they’d have to hold their nose to do it.

    So I have to assume you’re joking, or that you are on his staff.

  • Geoff B

    I liked him in 2000. However I can never forgive him for inflicting Sarah Palin on the world.

  • Ben

    Guess he ran out of gay legislation to oppose and lie about now that DADT repeal has passed. He must be bored without all the extra attention he used to get

  • the crustybastard

    If by “ready to be all mavericky again” you mean “continue his rapid descent into advanced dementia,” I agree!

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Casey: Oh, come on. Nobody likes John McCain. I don’t even think Sarah Palin likes John McCain (and he needed her more than she needed him in 2008).

    Hey Melanoma Boy, fuck off and die you homophobic RINO babykiller. It’s telling that the one time you actually voted with the GOP is the one time you should have gone maverick. Barry Goldwater was turning in his grave the moment they put him in there.

    This schmuck will be known for three things:
    —Putting his name to a piece of legislation that the SCOTUS declared unconstitutional.
    —Defending another piece of unconstitutional legislation
    —Being passed over for the White House twice in favor of George W. Bush and Barack Obama. That’s like being a TV show getting beaten in the ratings by infomercials and Charles in Charge reruns.

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