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John McCain + Lindsey Graham Require National Television To Convince Themselves DADT Is Good For America

With the Pentagon celebrating World AIDS Day by releasing the results of its Don’t Ask Don’t tell survey, Republican soothsayers like Sen. John McCain is keeping up the pressure on calling the results a bunch of bullshit. And he’s got good company!

McCain headed to CNN’s State Of The Union to talk about how “there were no problems” with DADT before gay lovers like Sen. Robert Gates started making a fuss after the gays started complaining (just like there were “no problems” with segregated troops!). It was all just politics at play! “This system is working,” McCain insists, especially since this law doesn’t force gays out so long as they keep their mouths shut — something that is clearly a lie. And Sen. Lindsey Graham, McCain’s Republican colleague from South Carolina, hit up Fox News Sunday to preemptively shoot down any notion the Senate has the votes to pass repeal during the lame duck session. If you don’t build it, well …