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John McCain + Lindsey Graham Require National Television To Convince Themselves DADT Is Good For America

With the Pentagon celebrating World AIDS Day by releasing the results of its Don’t Ask Don’t tell survey, Republican soothsayers like Sen. John McCain is keeping up the pressure on calling the results a bunch of bullshit. And he’s got good company!

McCain headed to CNN’s State Of The Union to talk about how “there were no problems” with DADT before gay lovers like Sen. Robert Gates started making a fuss after the gays started complaining (just like there were “no problems” with segregated troops!). It was all just politics at play! “This system is working,” McCain insists, especially since this law doesn’t force gays out so long as they keep their mouths shut — something that is clearly a lie. And Sen. Lindsey Graham, McCain’s Republican colleague from South Carolina, hit up Fox News Sunday to preemptively shoot down any notion the Senate has the votes to pass repeal during the lame duck session. If you don’t build it, well …

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  • Sug Night

    These two are the worst this country has to offer.

  • MonereMonae

    If the military wasn’t asking, why should they ask if a (wo)man is married to another (wo)man or not?

  • Desdemona

    i love how at the very end he says ‘…and tragically some of them dying’ with a smile slapped on his face instantly after. Clearly he doesn’t care about those dying soldiers. He just wants to win his next presidential campaign. disgusting old man needs to die already along with his backward way of thinking.

  • damon459

    The saddest part is people in the LGBT community voted for this man. It why I see little hope for us as a community ever getting the rights we deserve. I think it’s high time we as community come together and state you’re either with us or against us and if you against us you should be ostracized from the community. This isn’t about one issue candidates this is about our rights and our futures. I should also add as John McCain said it’s an all volunteer army so if you are homosexual you should either let them kick you out or not join. Why fight for a country that doesn’t even respect you as a person? Why fight for freedoms you can’t even enjoy yourself? I say enough is enough stand up stand proud and be heard!

  • Black Pegasus

    So after Queerty played it’s part in influencing the mid-term elections, now it wants to tell the truth about who’s actually against the Gays versus who’s trying to help us?


    For months before the elections, you bombarded this shitrag of a website with anti-Obama bullshit while ignoring ALL within the republican party who were (and still is) against repealing DADT!
    Your HATE for President Obama was evident, and your hypocrisy is now on display! You made the President look like a homophobe who wasn’t interested in Gay Rights, and you told LIES to re-enforce your agenda!

    Well congratulations! You’ve succeeded in making the Congress Republican Controlled, so lets so how many Republican Hit Pieces you’ll post about them.

    Thanks for nothing you self hating bitches!

  • Matt

    Yall need to wake up… voting for Democrats does not assure LGBT support. What has actually happened in the last few years of Obama is BS lip service to the community. The justice department is fighting every opportunity to make forward strides dispite the fact that Congress nor Obama will stand up for us.

    There are Democrats as well as Republicans that are homophobes.. America voted for the Republicans because of the ignorance of the Democratic Congress/Presidental bail-outs and wastful spending. And the fact that America was tired of that ignorant bitch from California running the House of Representives…. “lets pass some more bills without reading em”

  • jason

    Where has Barack Obama been lately on DADT? I haven’t heard a word from him in weeks. Cat got his tongue?

    For Pete’s sake, the military’s “survey” gets released in a day or so, and this President is notable through his lack of commentary. He lets diarrhea-mouths like McCain and Graham hog the airwaves with their verbal poo strings without so much as a whimper from either him or his Democrats.

    Where are the fucking Democrats? Why aren’t they going on the airwaves to support DADT repeal?

  • FYI

    @Black Pegasus:

    Pahleeeze… let’s not pretend that sack-of-shit homophobic master of mendacity, Obama, isn’t to blame for dragging out this comedy of errors for nearly two years. I often disagree with Queerty’s lowbrow level of immature shock “journalism”, but they were “spot on” in exposing our “fierce advocate” and his lying hypocritical equivocating on DADT and DOMA…and for pointing out the reprehensible and the repulsive fraud that Obama is.

    There were so many things he could have done from issuing a “stop loss” executive order on the first day he took office and then working on permanently lifting the ban in a hugely Democratically controlled congress. Instead, this vile excuse for a human being lies about how he has to use the DOJ to defend DADT and DOMA — which is a goddamn lie and most legal experts will tell you the same.

    The president does not have to defend any and all laws passed by congress that he deems, in consultation with DOJ, to be unconstitutional. Point-in-fact, this year Obama and his DOJ decided not to appeal a federal court ruling which allowed harassing tourists at Mount Rushmore (a federal park) by right-wing religious fanatics, even though CONGRESS gave full regulatory authority over public solicitations in federal parks to the Federal Park Service. So you see how “arbitrary” his “tradition” of defending acts of congress is.

    That is why Barack O’Bush will not publicly state that he believes that discrimination against the GLBT community is unconstitutional. He believes that persecuting the GLBT community is a constitutionally protected act of bigotry. That is why he even appealed a federal court ruling against the constitutionality of DADT and DOMA.

    I just can’t imagine President Johnson, who truly was a “fierce advocate” for black people in getting the 1964 Civil Rights Act passed (even though he said it would cost the Democratic party the South)…I can’t imagine LBJ instructing his Department of Justice to defend racial discrimination. Obama is beneath contempt.

    So, in conclusion, F-U-C-K McLame and F_U_C_K OBAMA too! A plague on both their houses. Let’s start our own progressive version of a tea party! The two-party only system is irreparably broken in the USA. Time for it to go away permanently — along with our “fierce advocate” in the White House. Obama needs to just go away and not seek a second term.

  • Cam

    I still find it interesting that nobody on the mainstream media asks McCain why the top guy on his staff, and the top guy in his campaign are gay if gays are so dangerous to working condidionts.

    McCains Campaign leader and Chief of staff, Mark Buse, is openly gay, and yet McCain continually goes out on these rants against gays.

    Oh, and Black Pegases, if our “Friends” aren’t doing what they promised, then they aren’t our friends. A little pressure on them is the only reason why DADT is even being brought up.

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