John McCain, You Jerk

Presidential candidate John McCain tried his hand at humor on this weekend’ Saturday Night Live. In addition to poking fun at his unbelievable old age, the Republican jabbed at gay rights legislation, via pork barrel appropriations:

…$160 million to the Department of Defense for developing a device that can jam gaydar. Now I don’t know if this is anti-gay, or pro-gay, or if such a device would even work. but I do know this. Jamming gaydar is not a federal responsibility. That’s something that’s best left to state and local governments.

Such a position, however satirical, speaks to McCain’s backward belief that American voters, many of whom are undereducated, have a better understanding of constitutional rights than judges. The audience may have thought the “gaydar” joke a riot, but we found it nauseating, to say the least.

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  • Gregoire

    Oh come on, didn’t you find his ‘i’m so, so old’ ad at least kinda funny?

  • Mike

    I don’t know. The delivery was horrible, but I actually found the gaydarjam joke worth a chuckle.

  • Are you serious?

    How do you not find that funny? That’s a pretty benign joke with which to take issue. Clever, and definitely written by a liberal.

  • hell's kitchen guy

    I think it’s funny. It’s pretty obvious you said it was “nauseating” just to get a rise out of people. I know you’re not that stupid to be insulted by such a mild jibe. If anything, it’s kind of pro-gay.

  • ousslander

    You act like he wrote the skit. PLus he was kind of funny.

  • ChristopherM

    I think it is mildly pro-gay. Which of course is merely an attempt to deflect from the truth that he is a crazy-ass radical conservative, and that the maverick image is one big lie.

  • Rock

    I saw it and thought it was funny.

    Lighten up guys!

  • ggreen

    Seeing an old lady slip on the ice can be funny to see also, but is it?

    You are so right about “American voters, many of whom are undereducated, have a better understanding of constitutional rights than judges.” This kind of backward justified ignorance must stop. Most Americans think participation in politics is adopting someone else’s faulty logic as their own and then bitching about it.

    Watching someone on TV everyday or reading about them in gossip rags doesn’t make them your close personal friend who looks out for your interests.

  • Madonna's Boy

    Wow…not even the bad laugh track could salvage this DISASTER. The GOP has nothing on the Dems, especially when it comes to stellar SNL appearances (hello, Hillary!). Oh well…now we can visualize more what a Grampy McBush presidency would look and sound like. NO THANKS!!!!

  • foofyjim

    I wasn’t really offended, but I also don’t think it was particularly funny. Rudy as VP in drag would have been funnier.

    The parts about him being really old and having the “oldness” necessary to win did get a chuckle from me.

  • Ted Campbell

    You know, I saw this on Saturday – and yeah, I laughed. The cool, subversive part about the whole bit was the fact that one of SNLs writers managed to get McSame to utter a line that poked fun at the GOP’s trademark panic / fearmongering involving all things LBGT. In that sense, it was nice to know that I was wholehearted laughing AT, not WITH, that ridiculous idiot.

    But then, afterwards, I did experience some pangs of anger… the fact that he could even make such a joke is pretty revealing. Whatever else I think of McCain and his fellow elitist Republicans, I don’t think there’s any question that they don’t really give a shit about anything to do with the gay community. It’s just one more wedge issue they can wave around in front of the bloated, redneck “values” voters who will yank his lever in November no matter what. Mcain and his ilk haven’t earned the right to engage in playful banter with the American citizens then routinely treat like garbage.

    Just .02 cents from an avowed friend of the family…

  • oakling

    I was hoping his joke would have been, “I’m so old – no, wait for it – I’m SOOO OOOLLLLLLLDDDDDD – so freaking unbelievably old that I’m actually AGAINST GAY RIGHTS!”

    I would have enjoyed that.

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